Reprinted in the Putnam County Herald, 2 December 1937, Page 3.

This is the twenty-first installment of this series of republished items from the old "Cookeville Chronicle," which began publication in Cookeville on October 6, 1877, with Carnes and Cope, editors and publishers.

Issue of September 26, 1878

We are requested to state that there will be a Confederate reunion of the 25th and 28th Tennessee Confederate Regiments, in Cookeville, on Saturday, the 6th day of October, 1878.

All surviving soldiers of these two regiments are earnestly requested to be present.

Mr. W. F. Harrington, editor of the Carthage Herald, will deliver a lecture, at this place on the night of October 3rd, on the subject of "Newspaper Life." Mr. Harrington has had about twelve years experience in the business, and, if those twelve years' experience is such as our one, the lecture will be worth hearing.

To Crossville and Back

On Sunday morning, the 15 inst, Messrs. H. S. Boyd, Walter Smith. J. H. Brown, A. W. Boyd, J. Arnold, W. D. Welchance, J. H. Moore, Dr. J. F. Dyer, and ye Editor, in company with Mr. Henry P. Davis, Putnam county's Candidate, left Cookeville for Crossville to attend the Democratic Senatorial Convention for this Senatorial district.

After a long and tiresome drive of forty-two miles, over a rough road as old Cumberland county affords, about 10 o'clock p.m., Putnam county's delegation pulled up at the "Gibson Hotel" in Crossville, with two jersey springs broken, but fortunately none of our bones. Having exchanged greetings and salutations with our friends, and done ample justice to the repast, prepared for our especial benefit, we tucked ourselves in and roamed in the land of dreams until Sol's effulgent rays had driven the sable curtains of night from the earth, when we arose, gave our toilet a little attention, and again pald our respects to the dining table.

At aboupt (sic) 9:30 o'clock Monday morning, the delegates from the several counties having collected at the court-house, the convention was called to order and all preliminary business transacted. Nominations being in order, the names of several gentlemen were put before the convention. The name of our candidate, Henry P. Davis, was placed in nomination by Houston S. Boyd, who paid him a high tribute in a splendid speech.

The balloting began. We fought long and faithfully for our man, but "our cherished hopes, like dead sea fruits, turned to ashes on our lips," and we accepted the inevitable "Byrd" of the mountain as our standard bearer. The business of the convention being concluded at a rather late hour, we remained in Crossville Monday night. Tuesday morning, however, bright and early, ere the sun's first rays had gilded the hill tops, we bid adieu to the mountain village and started for Cookeville, via Sparta. We arrived at Sparta at about one o'clock p.m., where we rested an hour and then resumed our journey home, the end of which we reached by the time night had drawn her mantle of darkness across the skies. We had kept the faith and fought the best fight we could.

The proceedings of the convention were, in the main, harmonious, much more so than is usually the case. The deliberations of the convention resulted in the nomination of Col. R. K. Byrd, of Roane county, as the Democratic Candidate to represent this, the 5th Senatorial District in the next General Assembly. We believe that Col. Byrd will give pretty general satisfaction to the party, and we warn all democrats, who desire the success of the party, that for two to run would be but to defeat the party, We know of no Independent Candidate, and hope, of there is any one inclined to run independently, they will think before they act, and give the nominee a clear field.
The chairman of the Senatorial Convention appointed the following as a Democratic Executive Committee for the Fifth Senatorial District: H. S. Boyd of Putnams county; John S. Roberts of Overton county: J. A. Mickey of Roane county; H. H. Sutton of Campbell county; A. M. England of White county; T. F. Pemberton of Scott county; B. E. Cunningham of Cumberland county, and S. V. Bowden of Fentress county, Chairman of the Committee.

Our typo, C. C. Womack, who has been all for the last month, is convalescent. We hope soon to see him able to be at his post in the office.

We are informed that the National Greenbaek party, whose convention met at Greenwood, In White county, last Saturday, nominated J. G. Stewart a candidate for Representative from White and Putnam counties in the next General Assembly.

While on the road from Cookeville Alex Price of this place, had the misfortune to fall from wagon and break his left arm.

One day last week a team of mules ran away with John Huddleston, throwing him from his wagon, and bruising him up considerably.

Next Tuesday-The Fair.