Reprinted in the Putnam County Herald, 25 November 1937, Page 4.

This is the twentieth installment of this series of republished items from the old "Cookeville Chronicle," which began publication in Cookevile on October 6, 1877, with Carnes and Cope, editors and publishers.

Issue of August 22, 1878

Rev. W. P. Smith preached at the Methodist Church, Sunday and Sunday night.

Rev. Smith Denton will preach again at the Christian Church, next Monday night, and will perhaps continue the meeting through the week.

Death of J. W. Crutcher

On Wednesday night, the 14th inst, about 11 o'clock, J. W. Crutcher died. He came here about twenty years ago from Williamson county. His professional life was that of a dry goods merchant, and he was always regarded as one of the best business men located among us. He was a man of almost unparalelled nerve and ambition, desired above all things to suceeed as a business man. Two years ago a horse ran away with him in a carriage, throwing him out twenty odd feet upon the rocks at the foot of a long hill. Some ladies living near saw the frightful occurrence and went to him as he lay apparently lifeless and carried him on a litter into their house, as a dead man. He partially survived but the shock so ruined his nervous system that he never entirely recovered from its effects, and his unyielding energy and indomitable will finally had to succumb to the shock, and he died.

A large crowd from town and the adjacent country collected here on the day of his burial to testify their homage and respect. Fifteen or twenty carriages drew up in front of his dwelling at the hour for his removal to the cemetery, besides many on foot and horseback joined the solemn procession. Rev. Smith Denton performed the ceremonies at the grave with touching and timely remarks, which are always to be expected from his unassuming ability. His remains were then consigned to the tomb amid the tears and weeping of his sorrow stricken family.

Remember the convention meets here next Saturday to nominate a candidate to represent this and White county in our next legislature. We are informed that there will be a large delegation in attendance from White county and we hope to see our delegates all at their posts. Investigate the men who aspire to the position and give us the best one.

If we are going to kill any man, politically, let's kill a good one.

The Eighth Annual Fair

The exhibition will open to the public on Tuesday, the 1st day of October 1878, and close on Friday the 5th.The gates will be opened at 8 o'clock a.m. each day at which time each officer is required to be at his proper place.

(Then follows three columns devoted to the rules of the Fair and the publication of the premium list. -Editor.)

Officers of the Fair Association: Walton Smith, president; W. H. Barnes and J. H. Moore, vice presidents; B. R. Womack, general agent; Dr. L. R. McClain, treasurer: Anderson Sloan, corresponding secretary; H. Brown, secretary; C. N. Wheeler, J.H. MeColley, J.J. Mills, W. J. Terry and W. H. Crabtree, board of directors.

A correction - In the issue of the Herald of November 18, the following errors were made. In the article concerning the election of an Attorney General, the typesetter unintentionally omitted the following lines altogether: "Marchbanks received a plurality in Putnam county;" "Jordan received pluralities in Smith and Macon; Butler received pluralities in Jackson and Clay counties;" and the published erroneous statement, "Butler received pluralities in Smith and Macon counties," resulted from a topographical error in substituting, the name of Butler for that of Jordan.

Another statement concerning the Attorney General's race was rendered unintelligible by the omission of certain lines, and this statement should have read as follows:

In the race for Attorney-General, with eight candidates in the field, Henry C. Snodgrass, of Sparta, was elected by a plurality, on the unofficial returns, of 227 votes over his closest competitor, John B. Jordan. of Carthage.

"Col. Marchbanks ran 'third' in this race, being only about 450 votes behind Jordan. It was a 'elose shave between Col. Marchbanks and Hon. 'Baile' Buller, of Gainesboro, for third place only a few votes difference be seen them.

"The other four candidates, Nesmith, Corley, McMurray and Ford, ran considerably behind the four foromost candidates.

"Nesmith. Corley and McMurray ran almost evenly-only a few votes separating them.

"Ford ran about 400 votes behind them."

Editor's Note: John B. Jordan of Carthage, who ran second in this race and was defeated by the narrow margin of 227 votes, was then an able young lawyer of Carthage. He later entered the ministry of the M. E. Church, South, and for many years, was an outstanding minister. He was held in very high esteem by the people of his home county of Smith. During the last several years of his life he was a member of the Missouri Conference of his church. He was an uncle of Mrs. Alfred Algood of this city.

Col. Columbus Marehbanks, one of the strong candilates in this race, was a brilliant lawyer and orator, and in later years was associated with former Governor "Bob" Taylor on the lecture and chatauqua platform. He was born and reared near the present town of Algood, in Putnam county. He was a gallant confederate soldier, and, as a young lawyer, he located at Sparta. Later he moved to Chattanooga. He belonged to the prominent ploneer Putnam County Marchbanks family. He was an uncle of Mrs. E. C. Warner and Dr. Ilift (sic) Marchbanks of this city.

Hon. "Baile" Butler, of Gainesboro, one of the strong candidates in this race, was an older brother of Gen. Mounce G. Butler, who later served as Attorney-General of this Circuit from 1894 to 1902. He was an uncle of Daniel Harvey Morgan and Miss Mamie Morgan and Mrs. E. H. Boyd or this city. He died many years ago.

All eight of these candidates were well known lawyers. All of them have been dead for several years.

Hon. Henry C. Snodgrass of Sparta, the successful candidate in this race. was one of the noted lawyers of this Upper Cumberland section. He afterwards represented the Third Congressional District in Congress.