Miscellaneous Newspapers


    • ". . ." - indicates that there is more to the obituary, but no genealogical information was provided.
    • "(XXX)" - indicates where the event happened.

Dr. Thomas Snodgrass, Negro Boy of: Dr. Thomas Snodgrass lost a valuable negro boy last week by being drowned in attempting to cross the Calf Killer in a wagon. The river was considerably swollen. [Paper: The Cookeville Times, Date: 5/22/1858, Vol. II, No. 44, Page 1]

Baker, Buck: Died, last Thursday at Capt. Clabe Beaty's, in Fentress Co., Buck Baker, a well known citizen of Overton County. [Date: 6/1/1893, Vol. 3, No. 3, Page 1]

Baker, Mrs.: Mrs. Baker, wife of W. M. Baker, died at her home in the 8th district last Friday night, aged 76 years. The deceased is mourned by a large circle of relatives and friends. [Paper: Cookeville Courier, Date: 6/1/1893, Vol. 3, No. 3, Page 1]

Trapp, J. T.: The announcement of the death of Esq. J. T. Trapp at his home, on Holmes Creek, the 17th Inst. Will be received with sadness by his host of friends. He had long been one of the most prominent men in the county and was held in high esteem. The end came suddenly, though he had been in very feeble health for some time (DeKalb County). [Paper: Cookeville Courier,Date: 6/1/1893, Vol. 3, No. 3, Page 1]

Turner, Judge: Judge Turner died last Friday, and was burried (sic) at Bethlehem on Saturday afternoon. A large crowd was present, and the burial services were conducted by Harvey M. Jarvus. [Paper: Cookeville Courier, Date: 6/1/1893, Vol. 3, No. 3, Page 1]

Martin, Et: Last Friday night, Et Martin died at his home in Cookeville, after a lingering illness. He had been in poor health for years, in fact he was never stout, which was to a large degree responsible for his retiring disposition. Mr. Martin was the youngest son of the late Dr. J. P. Martin, and was a pharmacist by profession. He was a first class prescriptionist, but on account of ill health, has done but little work for a long period. He leaves a wife and little son, mother, sister, brother and numerous friends to mourn his loss. He was buried Saturday in the cemetery. [Paper: The Cookeville Press, Date: 6/7/1900, Vol. XIV, No. 22, Page 3]

Medley, Minnie: Minnie Medley Dead -- With much regret and sorrow we announce the death of Mrs. Minnie Medley which occurred at her home at Silver Point last Tuesday morning. She was a bright intelligent young woman being only nineteen years of age, yet a wife and fond mother. She had been an humble, devout christian from childhood and consistent member of the Methodist Church. She was the daughter of L. J. Garner, former Clerk of the Circuit Court, a niece of Walton Smith and near relative to the publisher of the PRESS. . . . [Paper: The Cookeville Press, Date: 4/5/1900, Vol. XIV, No. 13, Page 1]

Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Dorman, Infant of: The infant of Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Dorman, died yesterday morning. Some weeks ago it had the measles, from the effects of which it never recovered. It was buried today in the Cookeville cemetery, Rev. T. J. Baker, of Alexandria, officiating. [Paper: The Cookeville Press, Date: 6/7/1900, Vol. XIV, No. 22, Page 3]

Smith, Mrs. John: Mrs. John Smith of Route 3 died January 25th and was buried Sunday. She was 77 years old. She is survived by her husband and several children. The burial took place at Dodson Branch. (Fairview) [Paper: The Cookeville Press, Date: 1/23/1923, Vol. I, No. 5, Page 2]

Dunn, Son of John: A Sad Tragedy -- The 19 year old son of John Dunn of the 8th., District near Boiling Springs was cutting timber Wed., Oct., 15th., when a limb struck him in the head and he never gained consciousness. Friday afternoon they started to take him to Howard Hospital but he died on the road about five miles from home. He was buried at the Boiling Springs cemetery Saturday with funeral services conducted by Rev. Harness. Mr. Dunn is a citizen of high standing in the lower end of the county and the News as well as the entire neighborhood extends deepest sympathy in their great bereavement. [Paper: The Cookeville Press, Date: 10/29/1924, Vol. II, No. 43, Page 4]

Sherrill, James William: Little James William, month old infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Sherrill died Wed. Oct., 22, was buried the following day. Funeral services were conducted by Sam Edwards. [Paper: The Cookeville Press, Date: 10/29/1924, Vol. II, No. 43, Page 4]

Dorman, David: Resolutions of Respect. Whereas, it has pleased the Supreme Rule of the universe to remove, by death, from our midst our dear brother, David Dorman, which occurred on April 23, 1898, . . . [Paper: The Cookeville Press, Date: 6/2/1898, Vol. XI, No. 33, Page 1]