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Baxter, Jere: Col. Jere Baxter died in a hospital at Nashville Feb. 29, from kidney disease. We hope to publish a sketch of his brilliant career, in our next issue. [Date: 3/2/1904, Vol. II, No. 4, Page 6]

Baxter, Jere: RESOLUTIONS OF RESPECT - We, your committee, beg leave to submit the following: Recognizing the fact that in the death of the Hon. Jere Baxter of Nashville, Tenn., the country losing one of it's most loyal and esteemed citizens, whose conduct in life was governed not by selfish motives, but by a patriotic desire to help the masses of his fellow citizens by conceiving and carrying into effect the enthrallment of better railroad facilities in Nashville and a large part of the state in the construction of the Tennessee Central Railroad. Advocating in his public services a more general and complete education of the people, and by many other acts manifesting his high intellectual power and sympathy for humanity. Resolved: that we deplore his untimely death, and recommend that our citizens show their appreciation in a befitting and substantial way by subscribing liberally to the Baxter Memorial Fund, thereby helping to perpetuate his fame through the coming generations . . . [Date: 3/30/1904], Vol. II, No. 8, Page 5]

Boatman, Pleas: Uncle Pleas Boatman died at the home of his son, Robert Boatman, Monday, July 24, and was buried at the Paran cemetery Tuesday. [Date: 8/3/1904, Vol. II, No. 26, Page 5]

Bozarth, Ollie: The emotions of our community were deeply stirred a few days ago on receipt of a telegram announcing the sudden death of Mrs. Ollie Bozarth, daughter of H. A. Johnson of this place. One year ago she was married to Robert Bozarth of Lockheart, Texas, where they were living at the time of her death. Her mother, Mrs. Josie Johnson, had visited here, left for home on March 24, leaving her daughter and a three week's old baby, apparently doing well. On arriving at Monterey, to her surprise, she found a message announcing the death of her daughter from malarial congestion. Mr. Bozarth had the body embalmed and arrived at Monterey last Wednesday with the remains, where he was met by a number of friends and relatives. The remains were then brought to the home of her father at this place. On Thursday one of the largest congregations on such an occasion assembled at the Johnson Church to attend the funeral services, which were conducted by Revs. G. B. Brown and R. A. Oaks, during which the audience was bathed in tears. Then the people passed quietly around, taking a last look at the corpse, which lay in a beautiful wreath of Texas flowers and satin robe. The casket was borne by six men and deposited in the old Johnson Cemetery to await the resurrection of the dead. . . . [Date: 4/13/1904, Vol. II, No. 10, Page 6]

Bray, Joe: Joe Bray, a highly respected citizen of the Ditty neighborhood, died Sunday. [Date: 12/21/1904, Vol. II, No. 46, Page 1]

Brogden, Jim: Jim Brogden was killed near Baxter Monday night by some unknown person. [Date: 8/31/1904, Vol. II, No. 30, Page 1]

Brown, Cinda: Cinda Brown died on the 10th of consumption and was buried the 11th near Fanchers Mills. The grey monster death will eventually claim us all. Let us prepare to meet him. [Date: 4/13/1904, Vol. II, No. 10, Page 3]

Buck, Walter: Walter Buck, who had been sick for some time, died at his home three miles east of Cookeville last Wednesday morning, and was buried at the Salem cemetery on Thursday, Rev. W. H. Carr conducting the services. [Date: 2/24/1904, Vol. II, No. 3, Page 4]

Bryant, Infant of Smith: The infant of Smith Bryant died of whooping cough last week. [Date: 1/6/1904, Vol. I, No. 47, Page 4]

Burton, James: One of our oldest colored citizens, James Burton, died on Monday, and will be buried at the Shady Grove graveyard this afternoon. [Date: 6/1/1904, Vol. II, No. 17, Page 8]

Caruthers, Cora: Miss Cora Caruthers died at the home of her father, John M. Caruthers, near Cookeville on May 5, 1904, aged 22 years. She was buried May 6th at Salem graveyard. [Date: 5/18/1904, Vol. II, No. 15, Page 8]

Cole, Liza: Mrs. Liza Cole died on the 7th and was buried on the 8th. [Date: 4/13/1904, Vol. II, No. 10, Page 3]

Cooper, Ethel: Death called at the home of T. C. Cooper last Thursday morning and claimed his oldest daughter, Ethel, aged sixteen. She had been sick three weeks with typhoid fever, and lay for nine days unconscious of anything, until death relieved her from her suffering. She was buried at the Salem cemetery, Rev. Carr conducting the services. [Date: 11/23/1904, Vol. II, No. 42, Page 4]

Countiss, Bob (Royse City, Texas): And Bob Countiss is dead. [Date: 4/27/1904, Vol. II, No. 12, 9]

Dabbs, Mrs. W. R.: Mrs. W. R. Dabbs, an aged widow lady of this place, died Monday and was buried Tuesday in the cemetery, at this place. [Date: 5/11/1904, Vol. II, No. 14, Page 1]

Davis, Daughter of Esq. Robert: Last Monday the 13 year old daughter of Esq. Robert Davis, who lives near Baxter, was accidentally shot and killed by a young man named Brogden. It is reported that he had been shooting at target, and thinking his gun, a 22 caliber rifle, was empty, pointed it at the girl and pulled the trigger, with the above result. [Date: 4/27/1904, Vol. II, No. 12, Page 1]

Davis, Stephen: Stephen Davis died at the home of his son, W. M. Davis, three miles from town on Wednesday, March 30, 1904, and was buried in the Cookeville cemetery on Thursday evening, with Masonic honors. We hope to publish a sketch of his long life in the near future. [Date: 4/6/1904, Vol. II, No. 9, Page 8]

Dewese, Mrs. J. M.: Mrs. J. M. Dewese died at her home in Cookeville on Saturday, Dec. 3, 1904, after a lingering illness from consumption, and was buried in the city cemetery Sunday at 2 o'clock. She was an estimable lady and had made many friends during her residence in this town. The Herald extends sincere sympathy to the bereaved family. [Date: 12/7/1904, Vol. II, No. 44, Page 1]

Dillard, H. H.: Capt. H. H. Dillard, for many years a citizen of this place, died at Granville last Sunday. [Date: 10/5/1904, Vol. II, No. 35, Page 1]

Ditty, Margret J.: . . . On the night of Aug. 4, 1904, the angel of death visited the home of our neighbor A. H. Ditty of West Cookeville, and summoned his beloved wife, Margret J. Ditty, to her eternal home. She was born Oct. 11, 1838, had been a consistent member of the M. E. Church South for a number of years, died in the triumph of a living faith and went home to God. She was laid to rest in city cemetery to await judgment day. We would say to her loving husband and affectionate children, weep not as those who have no hope. One day there will be a happy reunion where there is no more sighing, heartaches nor death, but joy, love and peace. [Date: 8/10/1904, Vol. II, No. 27, Page 6]

Dunn, Rev.: T. C. Fuqua wears a badge of mourning over the departure of Rev. Dunn. We extend our sympathies. [Date: 3/30/1904, Vol. II, No. 8, Page 5]

Evans, Johnie Lee: Johnie Lee, little daughter of J. B. Evans of the 11th district, died Feb. 26, with croup. [Date: 3/2/1904, Vol. II, No. 4, Page 1]

Fishel, Fred: The remains of the late Fred Fishel will arrive here from Hot Spring, Ark., and will be re-interred in the cemetery at this place. [Date: 2/24/1904, Vol. II, No. 3, Page 1]

Gentry, Infant child of B. H.: The infant child of B. H. Gentry died on the 23rd inst. [Date: 7/27/1904, Vol. II, No. 25, Page 5]

Goodpasture, Martha Ann: On last Monday night, at eight o'clock, death removed from our midst one of the best known and most highly respected women in the community, Mrs. Martha Ann, wife of W. W. Goodpasture. She was a converted Christian woman, a true and faithful wife and devoted mother. She has gone to her reward. For twenty years she has been afflicted, and suffered much, and during the past seven years she had been a constant care to her faithful companion, who patient watchfulness and tender devotion we have never seen surpassed. She bore her affliction with patience and submission, and in the crucible of suffering God refined and purified the gold until the image of the Father could clearly be seen in her daily life. She realized that the end was near, and frequently spoke to her her (sic) husband about it, giving him the full assurance that she was ready to go. We laid her to rest in the family graveyard where she awaits the resurrection of the just. A husband, two daughters, and a son survive her, we extend to them our prayers and sympathy. [Date: 11/9/1904, Vol. II, No. 40, Page 4]

Gordon, John B: Gen. John B. Gordon - The undersigned committee on resolutions appointed by Pat Cleburne Bivouac, No. 27, at its regular meeting at Cookeville, Tenn., to draft resolutions on the death of General John B. Gordon, Commander of the Association of Confederate Veterans, respectfully report that General Gordon was a native of Georgia, and was born June 5th, 1832, and died January ___, 1903, and was at the time of his death 72 years old. During a long and useful life he devoted himself assiduously to the good of his people and in the various positions of honor and trust to which he was called by a grateful and appreciating people he displayed that generous, affectionate and christian character together with all the embellishments of culture and refinement . . .Decended from a noble Scotch ancestry, he grew up in the traditions of his father . . . A graduate of the University of Georgia, he engaged in the practice of law until the breaking out of hostilities betweeen the states, when he was called to the command of a company and shortly after to be major of his regiment; then to tbe Leiut. Colonel and from that to Brigadeer General. From this wa spromoted to Major General and at the surrender of Appomattux he ranked next to the Command-in-Chief, and commanded the second corps of Lee's army. He was engaged in all the battles of the different campaings under Lee in Virginia and was several times severely wounded. In all his military career he was unaspiring and his rapid promotions were given him as a reward of merit for ability and gallantry displayed so prominently in the line of duty. The war ended, General Gordon returned to his home and found a scene of desolation, made so by the march of the invading army. Here he found an abundant labor to perform to build up the wasste places and to re-establish the southern homes. Here he devoted himself to his people and was called forth to serve them. For them he labored incessantly in the various positions of honor and trust, in the United States Senate and afterwards Governor of his state. Having gone out of politics his people again called him to the front. At the organization of the Association of Confederate Veterans he was chosen its Commander-in-Chief, which position he filled to the day of his death. . . - Thos A. Head,J. S. Holman, J. A. Phrasier } Committee [Date: 5/18/1904, Vol. II, No. 15, Page 6]

Green, Charles: "Train Runs Away Down Silver Point Hill -- Chas. Green Killed. Last Thursday night, June 23, 1904, about 9 o'clock, a train of 12 loaded slag cars in charge of Yardmaster Webster and Engineer Cantrell got beyond control and ran away down Silver Point Hill. Seven rear cars were wrecked near Alcorn siding and Charles Green, a switchman was killed. He was thrown against a rock and his chest crushed, causing internal bleeding, his lungs becoming choked with blood, suffocating him. Haskel Jared, another switchman, and Yardmaster Webster were also on the wrecked cars, but escaped injury. The engine and five head cars remaining on the track, Engineer Cantrell and Fireman Haynes were unhurt, but had a great scare. The remains of Mr. Green were brought here and interred in the city cemetery Friday evening, Mr. Green had lived in Cookeville about a year, and had made many friends here by his steady industry and quiet, gentlemanly bearing. He was familiarly called ""Bogus"" by his intimates, and was a witty and agreeable companion. Mr. Green was about 40 years of age, and left a widow who will continue to reside here. His parents live in Nashville, where he also has a brother. The Herald extends its deepest sympathy to the sorrowing ones." [Date: 6/29/1904, Vol. II, No. 21, Page 6]

Gwaltney, Mrs. Chas.: Mrs. Chas. Gwaltney died suddenly at her home in Cookeville Monday night, Dec. 19, 1904. The remains were taken to Smith for burial. [Date: 12/21/1904, Vol. II, No. 46, Page 1]

Hickey, John: John Hickey, who has been very low with consumption for some time, departed this life on the 9th and was buried Sunday at the family graveyard in the presence of a large concourse of friends. He leaves a wife and three children to mourn his loss. The bereaved ones have the heartfelt sympathy of the entire community. [Date: 4/13/1904, Vol. II, No. 10, Page 3]

Hickey, John: Bro. Hickey was born Nov. 26, 1872, was married to Mrs. Mary Barr, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. N. H. Nash of Burton, Putnam county, Tenn., Feb. 26, 1894. He obeyed the gospel Feb. 8, 1904. He leaves a widow and three small children and a host of relatives and friends to mourn his loss. Bro. Hickey was a devoted husband, and a good father, a most excellent friend and neighbor, and a devoted christian. He was loved by all and hated by none. We consign his body to earth, from whence it came, and his spirit to the God who gave it. [Date: 4/20/1904, Vol. II, No. 11, Page 3]

Hill, Infant of J. L.: The six months-old infant of J. L. Hill died last Wednesday of membranous croup. [Date: 2/24/1904, Vol. II, No. 3, Page 3]

Hunter, Margaret: Mrs. Margaret Hunter, mother of Rev. P. White, died recently. [Date: 3/23/1904, Vol. II, No. 7, 5]

Irwin, Davis: We are sorry to hear of the death of Davis Irwin. [Date: 6/22/1904, Vol. II, No. 20, Page 8]

Jared, Jr., Robert L.: DIED--At the family residence in Baxter, Tenn., on the morning of April 28, at seven o'clock, Robert L. Jared, Jr., infant son of Robert L. and Fannie Jared, aged 9 months and 24 days. [Date: 5/4/1904, Vol. II, No. 13, Page 1]

Jared, Robert Lee: Resolutions of Respect - We, the committee appointed by the Baxter Protective Committee to draft resolutions in regard to our fellow member, R. L. Jared, submit the following: Whereas, the last enemy death, has again visited our town and community on April 28, and has claimed for it's victim, little Robert Lee Jared. Resolved, that B. P. C. extend our sympathy to the father and mother in their trouble, feeling as we do the great agony under they are laboring. Be it resolved that we as an organization and citizens do hereby express our deep feeling and sympathy for the bereaved parents, feeling as we do that it is God's will . . . [Date: 5/181904, Vol. II, No. 15, Page 6]

Jenkins, the child of Mr. and Mrs. Benton: The child of Mr. and Mrs. Benton Jenkins has died last Friday, and was buried in the city cemetery on Saturday. [Date: 10/05/1904, Vol. II, No. 35, Page 1]

Johnson, Lou: Miss Lou Johnson, daughter of John T. Johnson of Waterloo, died Jan. 25. She was 19 years old, and a young lady who had many friends. [Date: 2/3/1904, Vol. I, No. 52, Page 1]

Judd, Elijah: Elijah Judd died Sunday night July 3rd, and his remains were laid away in the Judd graveyard the 4th to wait the resurrection morn. The relatives and friends have our sympathies. [Date: 7/6/1904, Vol. II, No. 22, Page 3]

Kimes, Samantha: Mrs. Samantha Kimes died at her home near here Friday evening. She was 60 years old, a sincere christian and member of the Cumberland Presbyterian church. She leaves two children to mourn her loss. We extend our warmest sympathy to the bereaved ones. [Date: 7/13/1904, Vol. II, No. 23, Page 3]

Kirby, Mrs. Obie: The dark angel of death has again visited our community (Shipley) and claimed for its victim Mrs. Obie Kirby, the wife and mother of that home. She was a good christian lady, leaving a husband and four children to mourn their great loss. We sympathize with them in their great bereavement. [Date: 4/27/1904, Vol. II, No. 12, Page 4]

Lawson, Sam: Uncle Sam Lawson died last Sunday and was buried Monday at Poplar Springs. [Date: 8/3/1904, Vol. II, No. 26, Page 5]

Lee, James H.: Dr. James H. Lee died at his home near Baxter last Thursday May 12, 1904, of jaundice, after an illness of only a few days. Dr. Lee was a well known and highly esteemed citizen of Putnam county, and quite wealthy. He leaves a wife and three small children, here, and a grown son, Robert E. of California. We hope to publish a sketch of his life sometime in the future. [Date: 5/18/1904, Vol. II, No. 15, Page 8]

Lowhorn, Baby of Chapin: Chapin Lowhorn's baby died July 14. [Date: 7/20/1904, Vol. II, No. 24, Page 6]

Mackey, Baby of Hite: The baby of Hite Mackey died Dec. 24th. [Date: 1/6/1904, Vol. I, No. 47, Page 1]

Martin, Joseph H.: On Tuesday afternoon Dr. J. B. S. Martin received a telegrams from San Francisco announcing the death of his son Joe, which sad event occurred in that city Monday night, but giving no particulars. The remains will be brought here for burial, probably arring about Sunday. [Date: 10/12/1904, Vol. II, No. 36, Page 4]

Massa, Ada: Miss Ada Massa, daughter of Mrs. Dorinda Massa, died Nov. 17, aged 19, at her home near Ditty. [Date: 10/19/1904, Vol. II, No. 37, Page 4]

Matheny, Nancy: Mrs. Nancy Matheny died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. S. J. Smith, two miles north of town Tuesday evening, and will be buried today at the Paran graveyard. [Date: 6/29/1904, Vol. II, No. 21, Page 1]

McCormick, Olen: "The angle of death visited the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. M. McCormick and called for its victim their sweet little babe. Weep not, dear parents, for little Olen. You did all that was in your power to keep it with you but God said ""suffer the little children to come unto me, for of such is the kingdom of heaven.""" [Date: 8/10/1904, Vol. II, No. 27, Page 3]

Moore, Jennie: Miss Jennie Moore died at Rockwall, Texas last week, after a brief illness. She left here last spring to reside in Texas. [Date: 11/23/1904, Vol. II, No. 42, Page 1]

Moore, Lucy: Miss Lucy Moore died at the home of her sister, Mrs. Alta Gracey last Thursday and was buried in the city cemetery Saturday evening. While she had been in poor health for some time, her death was a surprise to her many friends. [Date: 10/12/1904, Vol. II, No. 36, Page 1]

Nash, Ernest: Death visited our community (Burton) on the 29th, and claimed for its victim Ernest, the five year old son of L. P. Nash. The bereaved ones have the heartfelt sympathy of the entire community. [Date: 3/9/1904, Vol. II, No. 5, Page 3]

Parkinson, Mrs. O. D.: Mrs. O. D. Parkinson died at her home in the 18th district on May 10th, 1904, and was buried in the graveyard near Ensor. She was the beloved wife of Esq. Parkinson, and a most estimable lady. [Date: 5/18/1904, Vol. II, No. 15, Page 8]

Parkinson, O. D.: Esq. O. D. Parkinson of the 18th district died at his home near Ensor Tuesday evening and was buried Wednesday. He was an upright and influential citizen. [Date: 10/19/1904, Vol. II, No. 37, Page 4]

Phillips, Infant of Bob: The two weeks old infant of Bob Phillips died recently. [Date: 9/28/1904, Vol. II, No. 34, Page 4]

Phillips, S. M.: S. M. Phillips of near Quiz died Monday evening, but we have not the particulars. [Date: 6/1/1904, Vol. II, No. 17, Page 1]

Phillips, Sam: Was very sorry to learn of the death of Bro. Sam Phillips, as he was a good christian man and respected by all who knew him. We all must soon follow. Let us be ready for the greatest problem of life. [Date: 6/8/1904, Vol. II, No. 18, Page 3]

Phillips, Sam: Our community deeply regrets the death of Bro. Sam Phillips and sympathize with the bereaved family. He was the father of thirteen children, all but one whom live to be grown. There are six of the children in this part of the country, and five of them were present at their father's death. He was a christian, dearly loved by all who knew him, fully prepared for the summons. Bro. Phillips was a faithful worker in the church, and always willing to lay aside his daily work to wait upon the sick and distressed. Bro. Carr said at his talk at the church that he had been at the Cumberland Presbyterian Church over forty years, and was never elected to attend prebytery that he failed to go. The church has lost one of its most useful members; the community one of its best friends. [Date: 6/15/1904, Vol. II, No. 19, Page 3]

Presley, Belle: Belle Presley, wife of Silas B. Presley of Martin's Creek, died last Sunday and was buried at Smith Chapel. She leaves a husband and eleven children, four girls and seven boys. [Date: 9/28/1904, Vol. II, No. 34, Page 4]

Quarles, Dan: Dan Quarles was shot and killed at Sparta one day last week by Dick Crowder. [Date: 11/2/1904, Vol. II, No. 39, Page 4]

Randolph, Elijah: There was a killing here (Goffton) here Sunday night. Elijah Randolph went to the house of Dudley Kirby about ten o'clock and broke down the door where Kirby's sister and daughter were. Kirby heard him and got up from his bed, went out of his room and Randolph shot him. Peter Kirby, a brother to Dudley, heard the shooting, came to his brothers home and shot Randolph, who died the next day. [Date: 3/2/1904, Vol. II, No. 4, Page 6]

Rash, Wm. A.: Another Confederate soldier has stacked his arms and passed over the river to rest under the shade of the tree. After twelve months' confinement with dropsy our neighbor and fellow soldier, Wm. A. Rash, died at his home in West Cookeville at 4:20 a. m., Aug. 23, 1904. He was born in Jackson county, Jan. 18, 1834. Married Miss Martha E. Smith Nov. 2, 1853. Joined the Christian church Dec. 23, 1853, and lived a consistent member up to his death. He leaves a faithful wife, five dutiful sons and a host of relatives and friends to mourn his death. He was a member of the Eighth Tennessee Regiment and served during the was as a faithful Christian soldier. Mr. Rash was 70 years, 7 months and 5 days old. . . . [Date: 8/24/1904, Vol. II, No. 29, Page 6]

Reynolds, Elizabeth: Mrs. Elizabeth Reynolds died at her home near Brotherton on Sunday evening, and was buried at the Rector graveyard Monday. She was a sister of Mrs. B. B. Jared of this place, and a most excellent lady. [Date: 7/6/1904, Vol. II, No. 22, Page 1]

Rice, Sallie: Death has again visited our community and claimed for its victim Sallie Rice. She was buried Friday at the Rice graveyard near Cameron, White County. Sallie leaves a host of friends to mourn her loss. She was a member of the Christian Baptist church and a devoted and pious christian. The bereaved ones have the sympathy of the entire community. [Date: 6/8/1904, Vol. II, No. 18, Page 4]

Robinson, Jimmie: Mr. Jimmie Robinson, son of Dr. Lafayette Robinson and wife departed this life Sept. 12, 1904 of typhoid fever, aged 27 years. He was Christian and an honest man, liked by everybody. . . . He leaves a wife, widowed mother, three brothers, two sisters and a brother-in-law, beside a host of other relatives and friends to mourn his loss. [Date: 11/2/1904, Vol. II, No. 39, Page 4]

Rodgers, Mrs. Joel H.: We are sad to learn of the death of Mrs. Joel H. Rodgers, which occurred on the 22. We extend our sympathy to her husband and relatives in their sad bereavement. [Date: 3/30/1904, Vol. II, No. 8, Page 5]

Savage, John H.: Col. John H. Savage died last week at McMinnville, closing a long and remarkable career. He was well known to many of the older citizens in this section, and greatly admired. Col. Savage was a veteran in three wars -- The Florida Indian war, Mexican war, and Civil war. He held several public offices at different times, and was in congress in the 50's. His career was a stormy one, and it is hoped his turbulent soul has found the rest in the great beyond that was denied in this world. [Date: 4/13/1904, Vol. II, No. 10, Page 4]

Slagle, Madison: Madison Slagle died at his home one mile west of Cookeville on last Friday, and was buried at the Burnt Stand. He was a well known and highly esteemed young man. [Date: 2/10/1904, Vol. II, No. 11, Page 6]

Smith, J. J.: We notice with sorrow the death of our old friend and brother. J. J. Smith of Smithville. [Date: 7/27/1904, Vol. II, No. 25, Page 1]

Snodgrass, Child of Mr. and Mrs. C. E.: The 18-month old child of Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Snodgrass died yesterday morning after a lingering illness of several weeks with pneumonia. The remains will be interred in the cemetery here today. The bereaved family have the sympathy of a host of friends. -- Crossville Chronicle [Date: 1/27/1904, Vol. I, No. 51, Page 6]

Staggs, Perry Durell: Staggs, Perry Durell - Perry D. Staggs - Recent Death of a Well Known Overton Countian - The death of Perry Durell Staggs at his home in Hilham, Overton county, Tenn., on Wednesday, March 9, after a few days illness, removed from the Upper Cumberland county one of it's most prominent and progressive citizens, a man who was closely identified with, and largely interested in, the advancement and development of the resources of that section. Mr. Staggs as born in Overton county, on Sept. 23, 1847, and came from a prominent family from that section of the state. His father was an officer in the Confederate army, and his mother was a daughter of Moses Fisk, founder in 1806 of the Fisk Female Academy, at Hilham, Tenn., the first school established west of the Alleghanies. When the quite young Mr. Staggs became interested in the merchantile business at Hilham and Butler's Landing, Tenn., and was later in business in Nasdhville, Tenn., on Broad Street. For several years, he represented the firm of Herman Bros., Lindauer & Co., in the Upper Cumberland county, and was known as one of the most successful and popular traveling salesman in that section of the state. At the time of his death, he was in the mill and lumber business at Hilham, having been forced to retire from the road on account of his health. In 1869, he was married to Mrs. C. L. Mitchell, nee Fowler, who died in 1877. In 1880 he was married to Miss Butler of Butler's Landing, Tenn. Mr. Staggs is survived by his wife and five children, as follows: Mrs. D. E. Bradford, of Nashville; Fowler Staggs of Hilham; Herman Staggs, of the United States Navy; mrs. Goodlet Baker, of Nashille; and Sarah Staggs. Mr. Staggs was one of the best known and popular men of the Upper Cumberland county, and was noted there for his charity, as well as in Nashville, where he resided for some years after 1880. - American [Date: 4/6/1904, Vol. II, No. 9, Page 6]

Stewart, Child of W. L.: The 9 month old child of W. L. Stewart of Cookeville died Saturday and was buried at this place Sunday. [Date: 7/13/1904, Vol. II, No. 23, Page 3]

Stockton, Noah: Death has again visited our neighborhood, claiming for its victim Noah Stockton. He was about 50 years of age, and has always been a good, peaceable citizen, a kind and affectionate husband and father. He leaves a wife and three children, several brothers and sisters to mourn his loss. Though there is an empty seat around the hearthstone, a vacant chair at the table and the house made so lonely and sad by the mysterious hand of Providence, yet God doeth all things well. [Date: 5/18/1904, Vol. II, No. 15, Page 6]

Stockton, Noah N.: Editor Herald: As many of Bro. Noah Stockton's relatives and friends are readers of your columns. I am requested to write a short sketch of his life and ask you to please publish. Bro. Noah Stockton was born Sept. 16, 1853. Died May 5, 1904. Professed faith in Christ when a boy, under the preaching of Bro. A. L. Goodloe. He joined the M. E. Church South shortly after conversion and remained faithful to the end. He was married to Miss Minerva Matheny about twenty years ago. To this marriage were born two boys and one girl. The widow and children survive him. . . . [Date: 6/1/1904, Vol. II, No. 17, Page 2]

Stockton, Sally: Aunt Sally Stockton died Sunday night at 6:30 and was buried Tuesday at 11 o'clock, at Paron. She was 85 years old and an excellent christian lady. [Date: 1/20/1904, Vol. I, No. 50, Page 3]

Thomas, Henry: "Last Saturday night Henry Thomas, colored, of this place was shot and killed while at a dance in Algood. Elbert West Geo. Gist, negroes, have been arrested for the murder and will be given a hearing before Esq. J. R. Douglass Thursday. Thomas -- ""Preacher"" everybody called him -- was well liked by our citizens and had lived in Cookeville ten or twelve years." [Date: 6/22/1904, Vol. II, No. 20, Page 8]

Whittaker, Wash: Wash Whittaker died at his home last week. He had been confined to his room for several weeks with dropsy. [Date: 8/10/1904, Vol. II, No. 27, Page 3]