The Cookeville Press


    • ". . ." - indicates that there is more to the obituary, but no genealogical information was provided.
    • "(XXX)" - indicates where the event happened.

Adcock, John: John Adcock, who lived near Peeled Chestnut, died Tuesday night, aged 79. (White County) [Date: 10/27/1898, Vol. XII, No. 4, Page 8]

Barnes, W. H. (Hop): W. H. Barnes Dead. W. H. Barnes, (Uncle Hop,) one of the oldest, best known and most respected citizens of Putnam county, died at his home three miles east of Cookeville last Friday night, at the advanced age of 89 years. Mr. Barnes was born in sight of the place where he has lived all these many years. He was not an educated man in the common accetptance of the term, for it will be remembered that seventy-five years ago, when he was a boy, there were but few schools or churches in this section of the countyr, but he was a man of much intelligence, having braid and liberal views on all questions. He was an advanced farmer, always quick to see the benfits of new agricultural implements and always the first to introduce them to his brother farmers. He was a moral, sober, high-minded man, full of kindness and charity Although a man of affairs, and considerable business relations at all times, he managed to live and die without an enemy. His estimable wife died twenty years ago, but he remained single and lived on the old homestead with a single daughter, now Mrs. Buck. He leaves four living children and many grandchildren and great-grandchildren, to all of whom he was greatly endeared. He never attached himself to any church, but was liberal in sustaining the same, kind an considerate to the poor and needy. We understand that he died happy in full assurance of peace with God and all mankind. The Press joins in expressions of sorrow at the loss of one so useful in his day and generation. [Date: 9/8/1898, Vol. XI, No. 49, Page 1]

Bass, Henry: Rev. Henry Bass Dead. Watertown, Sept. 23 -- Rev. Henry Bass, of this place, died this morning at 8 o'clock. He had been in feeble health for a year or more, being in his 87th year. He was a minister of the gospel in the Missionary Baptist church for fifty years. [Date: 9/29/1898, Vol. XI, No. 52, Page 1]

Bennet, Walter: Last Saturday evening Walter Bennet, son of Phiny Bennet, was drowned in Cumberland river, near Holloman's ferry. (Gentry) [Date: 4/7/1898, Vol. XI, No. 25, Page 1]

Benson, John: John Benson a very old man, was found dead in his bed at the home of his son last Monday. (Overton County) [Date: 2/3/1898, Vol. XI, No. 16, Page 8]

Boman, Isaac: Isaac Boman, a respected citizen, died at his home near the White County line last Friday evening, and was buried at the West graveyard Sunday in the presence of a large concourse of friends. [Date: 1/13/1898, Vol. XI, No. 13, Page 5]

Boyd, Landon: We regret to learn of the death of Landon Boyd, a prominent farmer of Cherry Creek, White county, which occurred at his home last Wednesday. Mr. Boyd has many relatives and friends in Putnam county who will keenly regret his untimely end. Mr. Boyd was a working active member of the M. E. church, South, an intelligent, industrious man, a good neighbor and solid friend, a first class man in every respect. He leavs a wife and several children, his oldest son being now very low with fever. The stricken family has the sumpathy of a wide circle of friends. [Date: 6/30/1898, Vol. XI, No. 39, Page 7]

Boyd, Aleshia: Mrs. Aleshia Boyd, a very old and highly respected woman, who lived near Boma, died last Thursday. She was the wife of A. Boyd, and was a kind, good old christian woman. [Date: 4/14/1898, Vol. XI, No. 26, Page 5]

Bradford, Giles: Death of an Aged Citizen -- Giles Bradford, an old citizen, about 85 years of age, who lived near Ai, in this ocunty, went out to his barn to feed the stock last Thursday morning and failed to return as usual. His wife or some of the family went out to see about him when he was found dead. From appearances he had pitched forward o his face. He was a healthy and stout old man for his age and his death was wholly unexpected. It is said that he had a difficulty with his son, John Bradford, the evening before and had been roughly handled by him. He was buried without an inquest and we suppose from that fact but little importance was attached to the difficulty with his son by the family and friends. [Date: 3/24/1898, Vol. XI, No. 23, Page 5]

Bradford, Jr., Giles: A BLOODY DEED -- Giles Bradford, Jr., Killed at Ai, Last Sunday. -- James Braswell and Sons, Clay and Claude, Arrested. -- They Will Be Given a Preliminary Hearing Next Saturday at this Place -- Considerable Difficulty was Encountered in Getting at the Exact Facts -- Giles Bradford, Jr., was shot and stabbed to death at Ai last Sunday, by, report says, Clay and Claude Braswell. We learn that a difficulty arose between William Bradford (a nephew of the deceased) and Clay Braswell, when the deceased interferred to separate them. About this time a general fight ensued, several being mixed up in it. In the meantime, Giles Bradford was badly cut in the side and a stab in the back to the hollow, and shot through both lungs, from the effect of which he died in about four minutes. The jury of inquest reported as we are informed, that the deceased came to his death from a pistol shot fired by Claude Braswell, and bruises with brass knucks on the hand of James Braswell. Warrants for the arrest of Clay, Claude, and James Braswell were sworn out and placed in the hands of the Sheriff, who immediately went to the scene of the trouble and arrested James and Clay Braswell, but failed to find Claude. Clay was lodged in jail to await an examination, while James Braswell was out in charge of the Sheriff. We failed to find the report of the jury of inquest after search in the Clerk's office. The case was set for trial at the court house in Cookeville on last Tuesda, at which time Claude Braswell voluntarily came in and surrendered to the Sheriff. On application of the State the case was continued until next Saturday. James Braswell was allowed to give bond in the sum of $2000, but Clay and Claude were sent to jail. [Date: 4/7/1898, Vol. XI, No. 25, Page 1]

Brooks, Buck: Sam Tinsley shot and killed Buck Brooks, colored at Gainesboro last Saturday. We have been unable to get the particulars, but hear the negro was drunk or drinking and was spoiling for a fight. It is thought the shooting was in self defense as a pistol was found on the dead negro's person afterward. [Date: 12/1/1898, Vol. XII, No. 9, Page 5]

Brown, Byrd: Byrd Brown Dead. -- Byrd Brown, of Bloomington, died last Sunday from the effects of the wounds he received a few weeks ago byb his horse he was riding running against a tree while going home from Cookeville. His leg was broken in two places, andhe sustained other internal injuries which finally terminated in death. [Date: 2/24/1898, Vol. XI, No. 19, Page 5]

Buckner, John: Died of Pneumonia. Mr. John Buckner, of DeKalb county, died Monday morning. He had been ill for some time with typhoid fever, which later developed into pneumonia. Mr. B. was a brother-in-law of Judge Puckett, of this place, having married Miss Mary Puckett whom he leaves with six little children to mourn his untimely end. He was buried at the old Puckett homestead near the mourth of Second Creek Tuesday. [Date: 12/15/1898, Vol. XII, No. 11, Page 1]

Cannon, Wife of Ed: Wife of Ed Cannon, Esq., who lives on the edge of Overton, died last Thursday, and was buried at Paran. She was a good woman, and her loss will be keenly felt by relatives and friends. [Date: 9/15/1898, Vol. XI, No. 50, Page 5]

Carter, Wife of John T.: John T. Carter, who was sentenced to be hung at Gainesboro last Saturday, did not die. In deference to the earnest and insistent appeals of thousands of citizens of Jackson and other counties, including the wife of the murdered brother, the Governor commuted the death penalty to life imprisonment in the penittentiary. On the day fowllowing the action of Gov. Taylor the wife of the condemned man died at her home not far from Gainesboro, and we understand the kind-hearted and humane sheriff of the county took the prisoner to his dessolated home to look for the last time on the remains of his wife, and the havoc and ruin his crime had wrought. [Date: 5/19/1898, Vol. XI, No. 5, Page 31]

Clark, E. L.: E. L. Clark died at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Clark, last Thursday morning at 3:15 a. m. Death overtook this young man suddenly. He took his bed Sunday, suffering from an acute attack of kidney disease, complicated with heart trouble. His death is an extremely sad one. An unusually fine specimen of manhood, when in health, a kind hearted and accommodating young man. His death comes as a sudden shock, although for some months it could be seen that he was wasting away under the influence of a rapidly encroaching and deadly disease. (White County) [Date: 10/6/1898, Vol. XII, No. 1, Page 1]

Connor, Dock: News reached us Monday that a Dock Connor was killed near Eagle Creek last week by a log rolling over him. (Overton County) [Date: 11/17/1898, Vol. XII, No. 7, Page 8]

Cope, Wm.: W. H. Magness received a telegram Friday night announcing the sudden death of Wm. Cope, his brother-in-law, of Seven Springs, DeKalb county, which occurred at Alexandria where Mr. Cope was taken ill. (White County) [Date: 2/24/1898, Vol. XI, No. 19, Page 8]

Cope, Daughter of Wm.: Word was brought here Tuesday of the death by drowning, of the little four year old girl of Mr. Wm. Cope who lives at Joy, in this county. (Dekalb County) [Date: 2/3/1898, Vol. XI, No. 16, Page 8]

Cullom, Virginia: Mrs. Virginia Cullom, widow of Gen. Wm. Cullom, did at the home of her daughter in Florence, Ala., last week and was buried at Carthage, her home. She was visiting her daughter when she dropped dead very suddenly. She was 77 years of age and a devout christian lady, loved and respected by all who knew her. [Date: 5/19/1898, Vol. XI, No. 31, Page 5]

Cummings, Mary: Miss Mary Cummings, daughter of J. D. Cummings, died last week at the home of her parents, at Cummingsville, of typhoid fever, at the age of 22 years. (White County) [Date: 10/6/1898, Vol. XII, No. 1, Page 1]

Davis, Elijah Garland: Elijah Garland, the two-year-old boy of Lee Davis, who lives two miles north of town, died Tuesday evening from spinal affection. He was a bright little fellow and his parents are deepl grieved at their loss. [Date: 8/18/1898, Vol. XI, No. 46, Page 5]

Deering, Sallie: We regret to learn that Mrs. Sallie Deering, who lives four miles South of Cookeville, is very low and is not expected to live much longer, Mrs. Deering will be 90 years old the 23rd of next month, and is a highly respected old lady whose many friends will regret to learn of her serious illness. [Date: 5/26/1898, Vol. XI, No. 32, Page 5]

Denny, Timothy: Timothy Denny, an old and much respected citizen, died at his home last Friday on Indian creek, near Buffalo Valley. He was something over seventy years old and had always been a quiet, industrious citizen, a successful farmer and highly esteemed by all who knew him. He was buried last Sunday surrounded by a large circle of relatives and friends. He leaves a wife and two children to mourn his loss. [Date: 11/10/1898, Vol. XII, No. 6, Page 5]

Dorman, David: A Worthy Man Passes Away -- Last Saturday, at 6:30 p. m., the spirit of David Dorman, a well known and honored citizen of this place, passed into eternity. Mr. Dorman had been in precarious health for several months and his demise was not unexpected. Only a few days before the end came he suffered a stroke of paralysis, from which he never rallied. Mr. Dorman was 64 years of age and a native of Pennsylvania. He been a citizen of Cookeville for about ten years, coming her as an engineer for the N. & K. railroad, which responsible position be filled to the entire satisfaction of the company and public. He was univerally popular, and beloved by all who knew him. He leaves a wife and four children -- a son and daughter residing in Cookeville, Mr. E. E. Dorman and Mrs. H. T. Rout. He was a member of the M. E. church, and also of the Knights of Pythias and one or two other fraternal orders. His remains were interred in the Cookeville cemetery Sunday afternoon at 4:30 o'clock, with the K. of P. burial service. [Date: 4/28/1898, Vol. XI, No. 28, Page 5]

Exom, Father of C.: News came here Saturday that C. Exom's father was dead. (Buffalo Valley) [Date: 1/27/1898, Vol. XI, No. 15, Page 1]

Exum, J. D.: Mr. J. D. Exum, an old and highly respected citizen of this county, who resided near Laurel Hill, died at his home Saturday evening after a short illness. (Dekalb County) [Date: 2/3/1898, Vol. XI, No. 16, Page 8]

Ford, Son of A. N.: The little son of the late A. N. Ford is dead and laid to rest Friday by the side his father at Sand Springs. [Date: 10/27/1898, Vol. XII, No. 4, Page 1]

Ford, A. N.: A. N. Ford, Esq., died at the home of his father in the Fifth district last Friday, of consumption. He had been unwell ever since last spring, but very few were apprised of his real condition. Mr. Ford was a young lawyer of ability, though he had not been devoting his time exclusivley to his profession. He was twice elcted Superintendent of Public Schools of Putnam county, and served the public with entrire satisfaction, so far as we know. He had been a member of the Baptist church for the last ten years. He leaves a wife and one child and many friends who sincerely grive over his loss. [Date: 8/4/1898, Vol. XI, No. 44, Page 5]

Fowler, George Clark: George Clark, the year old baby of Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Fowler, died Monday morning. It had been quite ill for some time. The parents have the deepest sympathy of the entire community in their sad affliction. [Date: 8/4/1898, Vol. XI, No. 44, Page 5]

Frazier, Child of Bida: The five-year-old child of Bida Frazier died Sunday night of membraneous croup. [Date: 11/10/1898, Vol. XII, No. 6, Page 5]

Frazier, Mrs. Fox: A telephone message to Rev. Walkup last Friday conveyed the sad intelligence of the death of Mrs. Fox Frazier, who died at her homje near Temperance Hall last Thursday. (Dekalb County) [Date: 2/3/1898, Vol. XI, No. 16, Page 8]

Fulton, Malinda: An Aged Negress. Tullahoma, Jan. 14 -- Old "Aunt" Malinda Fulton, a negress, died a few days ago. She was 112 years old, and by well authenticated records was born the slave of Colonel John Washington, brother of General George Washington, on an estate that is now in West Virginia. The old negress knew every member of the Washington family, and up to the day of her death talked interestingly of them. After the death of the Washingtons she drifted to Tennessee in an early day and has lived in Tullahoma many years. She was full blooded African, black as ebony, but her body was shriveled and shrunken with age. She was faithful and honest above the average of her race in intelligence. [Date: 1/20/1898, Vol. XI, No. 14, Page 1]

Galloway, Matt C.: Col. Matt. C. Galloway. Memphis, Feb. 28. -- Col. Matt C. Galloway, the veteran newspaper man and valiant ex-Confederate soldier, died at 11:30 o'clock to-night, aged 78 years. It was the result in the main,of the weight of years. The last editorial work of Col. Galloway was on the Memphis Appeal, some ten years ago, about which time he sold his interest in the Appeal property to a local syndicate for a sum sufficient to maintain himself and wife in comfort. His wife survives him, the couple never having had children, though they adopted a daughter, who is now married. [Date: 3/3/1898, Vol. XI, No. 20, Page 1]

Gentry, Med: Accidentally Killed. Ai, Dec. 6. -- Med Gentry, who lives in DeKalb county, was accidentally killed today by a large saw log rolling over him at his place. He was in the woods loading logs when the one he was working on slipped on the "skids" and running backwards passed over his body. Mr. Gentry was a splendid gentleman and our people are deeply shocked at his sad misforture. [Date: 12/8/1898, Vol. XII, No. 10, Page 1]

Haley, Mary: Mrs. Mary Haley, of Provisto, Texas, died of pneumonia fever January 29. She was the daughter of Senator H. M. Colquitt, of Livingston, and sister of Mrs. L. D. Perkins, of this place. She leaves a husband and four children, the youngest being only three months old. [Date: 2/3/1898, Vol. XI, No. 16, Page 5]

Hancock, Kittie: Miss Kittie Hancock died at her home on Sycamore Sunday morning. She was a charming, elegant young lady and admired by a large circle of friends. She leaves a mother and some brothers to mourn her early death. (Dekalb County) [Date: 8/25/1898, Vol. XI, No. 47, Page 8]

Harris, A. Rufus: Prof. A. R. Harris Dead. -- We regret very much to learn of the sudden death of Prof. A. Rufus Harris which occurred in Texas a few days agao. We have been unalbe to get the particulars -- the place or time of the sad event. Prof. Harris taught school in the Academy at this place for some time, a few years ago, and gained for himself the respect and esteem of our entire people. He was an educated gentleman in the true sense of the therm and was a general favorite alike with old and young, all of whom regret his untimely death. [Date: 1/13/1898, Vol. XI, No. 13, Page 1]

Hatfield, Daughter of James: The six-year old daughter of James Hatfield, of White county, died last Thursday and was buried Friday at Key. [Date: 11/24/1898, Vol. XII, No. 8, Page 5]

Hicky, Sandy: Uncle Sandy Hicky, of the 7th district, died on the 3d of September, in his 90th year. He died from infirmities incident to old age. (White County) [Date: 9/15/1898, Vol. XI, No. 50, Page 8]

Huddleston, Wife of John L.: The wife of John L. Huddleston, who lives four miles east of Cookeville, died last Friday of consumption. She was buried at the Salem cemetery Saturday. [Date: 2/10/1898, Vol. XI, No. 17, Page 5]

Huddleston, Mrs. Jo: Mrs. Jo Huddleston, who lived four miles north of Cookeville, died last Friday. She was formerly the widow of Eli Shipley. Mrs. Huddleston was a good, christian woman, possessing the esteem of all who knew her. Funeral services conducted by Rev. T. J. Baker. [Date: 3/10/1898, Vol. XI, No. 21, Page 5]

Hughlett, Esq.: Esq. Hughlett, a former member of the county court of White county, died at his home in the Thirteenth district Saturday night. He was a good citizen. He died of heart disease. (White County) [Date: 9/8/1898, Vol. XI, No. 8, Page 10]

Hutsell, Z. T.: Z. T. Hutsell Passes Away. -- We regret to announce the sad death of Z. T. Hutsell, which occurred at his home in this place last Friday. He had been a great sufferer for the last three weeks with complicated diseases. It had been apparent for the last ten days that he could not recover. Frive or six days before his death blood poison set in, and finally ended in death. His friends and famiy seeing his sad condition prepared for the burial before he was yet dead, which was done in less than two hours afterwards. [Date: 3/31/1898, Vol. XI, No. 24, Page 1]

Jared, Mrs. Jo: Mrs. Jo Jared. The many friends of Jo Jared of this county, deeply sympathize with him upon the death of his wife which occurred Wednesday of last week. Mrs. Jared was an exceptional lady, possessed of all the womanly graces, and her loss will be keenly felt not ony by her family, but a host of sorrowing friends. [Date: 12/1/1898, Vol. XII, No. 9, Page 1]

John, Alfred: The remans of Alfred Johnson, who died at the home of his son-in-law in Cookeville last Sunday, were taken through here Monday for burial at his old home near Willow Grove. (Overton County) [Date: 1/6/1898, Vol. XI, No. 10, Page 8]

Keeton, Betsy: Mrs. (Aunt) Betsy Keeton, an aged and beloved lady, died on Wednesday of last week at the home of her son-in-law, J. H. Lea. She was the daughter of the immortal Alvin Cullom. (Dekalb County) [Date: 11/3/1898, Vol. XII, No. 5, Page 8]

Kelley, William C.: Died in Alaska. Lebanon, March 20. -- The remains of William C. Kelley who died in Alaska about the first of the month, were interred last week at his old home, Leeville, this county. He was a son of the well known divine, Dr. D. C. Kelley, and was prospecting for gold in the Klondike region when he fell victim to pneumonia. [Date: 3/24/1898, Vol. XI, No. 23, Page 1]

Kelly, Frank K.: Last Saturday morning about eight o'clock the people of Gainesboro were deeply shocked and saddened by the intelligence that Frank K. Kelly, one of our oldest and most highly esteemed citizens, had suddenly dropped dead at his place of business, on the east side of the public square. Many sympathetic friends hurried to the scene, anxious to leand any assistance in their power. Physicians were speedily summoned when it was found that heart failure had wrought its work instanly and painlessly. He was sitting in the rear of the store reading, when his clerk stepped out only for a few seconds and on returning found him breathing his last. (Jackson County) [Date: 11/24/1898, Vol. XII, No. 8, Page 8]

Kerr, J. C.: Resolution of Respect -- Whereas, since the meeting of the Quarterly Court at the January term 1898, Brother J. C. Kerr, Justice of the Peace of the town of Cookeville, Tenn., has died, and Whereas, J. W. Puckett, Judge of the County Court, appointed C. Burton, W. W. Smith, J. H. Dowell and C. J. Davis, members of said court, in connection with himself, to draft suitable resolutions in regard to the death of J. C. Kerr, and that a copy of the same be spread upon the minutes of the court, a copy furnished the the Cookeville Press and The Citizen for publication, and that a copy be sent to his widow: Resolved, that in the death of Brother Kerr the court has lost one of its most useful members, a man whoe public record was without blemish, he having served as a member of this Court several years ago, and was elected Town Justice at the August election, 1894. He died the 23d day of January, 1898. He was Deputy Sheriff of Putnam county two terms under G. M. Moore, and was a candidate for Sheriff in the Democratic primary at the time of his death. He was a member of the Improved Order of Red Men and the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, and was buried by both of said Orders. He was an enthusiastic member, and had the good of said institutions at heart. Resolved, further, that in his death the community and the public in general have sustained an irreparable loss, and the committee hereby tender their sympathy to is bereaved widow. [Date: 4/14/1898, Vol. XI, No. 26, Page 1]

Kerr, Joseph C.: PROMINENT CITIZEN FOUND DEAD. -- Joseph C. Kerr is called From the Walks of Men. -- Dies at his home in Cookeville Last Sunday After a Brief Illness. -- With exterme regret we announce the death of Joseph C. Kerr, Esq., which occurred at his home in Cookeville on last Sunday morning. Mr. Kerr was a candidate fro Sheriff of the countym and as such had exposed himself to all kinds of weather, from which he was seized with a severe cold, his liver and head becoming seriously affected; typhoid fever also set in from which he was unable to recover. Mr. Kerr was about fifty-two years of age and a resident of the county ever since it was established. When quite young he enlisted in the Fifth Tennessee Cavalry United States Army and made a most gallant soldier, and was once wounded (accidentally we believe). He was twice deputy Sheriff of the county and was an acting Justice of the Peace for the town of Cookeville when he died. Fro the last ten years he has been a consistent member of the M. E. Church South, and died in full hopes of the immortality of the soul and in perfect peace with his maker and all mankind. He was an active working member of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows and the Improved Order of Red Men. Brother Kerr was widely and favorably known all over this section of the State and was deservedly popular with those who knew him, in whose breast a pang of regret will be felt at his sudden death. He was buried in the Cookeville Cemetery last Monday afternoon in the presence of a vast concourse of people, by the members of the Narrganasett Tribe, Improved Order of Red Men, and Mt. View Lodge, No. 179, Independent Order of Odd Fellows. The sudden and unexpected death of Mr. Kerr has cast a gloom over the entire community, but he was a manly man, a true friend, a hightoned, christian gentleman, whose name and good deeds will long be remembered by those who knew him. He leaves a sorrowing wife and an adopted son to weep over their great loss, to whom the Press extends deepest sympathy in their hour of sore distress. [Date: 1/27/1898, Vol. XI, No. 15, Page 1]

King, Drew: Drew King, a prominent citizen of Warren county, died Friday last of blood poisoning. He was a well known democrat and a good citizen. (White County) [Date: 8/25/1898, Vol. XI, No. 47, Page 8]

Kinnaird, Kaze: Kaze Kinnaird Killed. News has reached here that Kaze Kinnaird, a former citizen of this county, was killed last week near the Cincinnati Southern railroad. Full particulars cannot be learned. It seems, however, that he became involved with a negro who shot him. He was a son-in-law of Wesley Chism, who lives near Cookeville. [Date: 9/15/1898, Vol. XI, No. 50, Page 5]

Ledbetter, Mrs. Buck: Mrs. Buck Ledbetter, of Nettle Carrier, died last Thursday. [Date: 4/7/1898, Vol. XI, No. 25, Page 5]

Lewis, Mrs. Crawford: Mrs. Crawford Lewis Dead. It is with profound regret we announce that death of Mrs. Crawford Lewis which occurred last Saturday at her late home three miles west of this place after a brief illness. She was the only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Quarles, of this place, and all the hopes of the famiy were centered in her. They are both almost prostrate with grief. Mrs. Lewis was about twenty-five years of age and it is to be regretted that her career was so untimely ended when by her exempliary christian life she could have been of so much benefit to the four little children she leaves. On her death bed her thoughts were with God, and although her body was tortured with pain, her soul was happy and her last words were prayers for her children, husband, and parents. Her remains were laid to rest in the cemetery at this place Monday. The bereaved family have the sincere sympathy of the entire community. [Date: 12/29/1898, Vol. XII, No. 13, Page 8]

Martin, Christine: We regret very much to announce the death of Christine, the little two-year-old daughter of Dr. J. B. S. Martin, which occurred at his home Wednesday morning. She had been sick for the last ten days, but her death will be a shock to numerous friends of the Doctor and his estimable family, who have the deepest sympathy of the entire community. [Date: 6/16/1898, Vol. XI, No. 35, Page 5]

Matheny, Allie: Miss Allie Matheny, the estimable daughter of Sam Matheny, Esq., who resides three miles west of Cookeville, died last Sunday after a long and distressing illness. The family has the deepest sympathy of the community in this hour of distress. [Date: 2/17/1898, Vol. XI, No. 18, Page 5]

McClellan, Bailey: Bailey McClellan, an old and wel known citizen of Double Springs, fell off his horse last Saturday near that place and died sonn thereafter. It is not known what caused the fall. Some think he was thrown by the horse while others think he had a stroke of paralysis. He never spoke afterwards. [Date: 5/5/1898, Vol. XI, No. 29, Page 5]

McGregor, Sallie Ashe: Sallie Ashe McGregor Dead. The friends of Miss Sallie Ashe McGregor will regret to learn of her death which occurred at her home in Lebanon, Tuesday morning. During the winter she contracted a deep cold from which she never recovered, and gradually wasted away. The end came oeacefl, she was conscious to the last. Death at all times carries with it a pang of sorrow, but it is especially more so in this instance. She was just entering womanhood with a future full of promises. She posessed a loveliness of character, rare mentality, ocmbined with exceptional personal beauty that is rarely see. She was a member of the M. E. church South, and her good soul returns to the God who gave it, in all that purity with which He created it. Her parents and relatives have the deepest sympathy of a large number of friends in Cookeville. Miss McGregor was a sister of Mrs. Rutledge Smith of this place. [Date: 7/7/1898, Vol. XI, No. 40, Page 7]

McGregor, Sallie Ash: Sallie Ash McGregor. Those who marked the glorious blonde beauty and noted the vivacity of the young girl as she appeared at a brilliant reception last October can scarce realize that to-day she sheeps under a mass of roses and heartease and those who spoke of her lovliness (sic) then little dreamed that this was to be her last gaiety, or that the crisp wite gown which was donned with such happy anticipations on this evening should so soon become her burial robe, the bright laughing eyes so soon be closed and the happy girlish heart be stilled. . . . A few weeks ago she was taken into the Methodist church. Life held all that was alluring for her, youth, beauty and the love of family and friends. Her young ladyhood had been brief but joyous -- who would not wish to live? The transition from health to an incurable illness was most sudden, a severe cold taken the last night in October developed rapidly into consumption, resulting in her death Monday night. . . . The funeral services were conducted at the home of Rev. Wyckliffe Weakley. After the opening song he read the fourteenth chapter of John the favorite chapter of the deceased, the came the song "Some Sweet Day," followed by a beautiful and fitting resume of her life and character by Mr. Weakley. In accordance with the request of Miss Sallie Ashe the members of her club, S. L. P. acted as honorary pallbearers. They were Misses Alice Williamson, Martha Martin, Mary Ewing and Emma Beard, Bessie Weir and Mary Prewitt. They were gowned in white and wore the club colors veiled with crape and directly followed the white flower laden casket. It was a pretty idea, these young ladies were her nearest friends and it seemed most fitting tht they should assist in this last labor of love. They had in the early morning lined her grave with flowers, andafter the casket was lowered they scattered handfuls of flowers on it, when the grave had been filled they arranged the floweres on it. Shomehow the presence of the young girls gathered here in their tender way carrying out the wishes of their friend seemed to take away the heart-heavy gloom of the burial and gave a sweet hopefulness to the ceremoney. Miss Sallie Ashe was the youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Andrew McGregor. Her sweet happy temperment endeared her to many and her death is deeply regretted. [Date: 7/14/1898, Vol. XI, No. 41, Page 5]

McLaughlin, Infant of Mr. and Mrs.: The infant child of Mr. and Mrs. McLaughlin died last Thursday morning. The little one was two years old and had been sick for some time. [Date: 12/8/1898, Vol. XII, No. 10, Page 8]

Mitchell, Charley: Charley Mitchell, an old and highly respected citizen, died at his home near Ditty, in this county, last week. [Date: 11/24/1898, Vol. XII, No. 8, Page 5]

Mitchell, D. L.: Rev. D. L. Mitchell, brother of townsman, T. L. Mitchell, died at Gainesville, Texas, July 30, 1898. He was a former citizen of White county, having been born at River Hill, this county, on January 1, 1847. When about sixteen years of age he enter the Confederate army from this county under Gen. G. G. Dibrell, where he made a good soldier, serviing until the close of the war with his command. (White County) [Date: 8/25/1898, Vol. XI, No. 47, Page 8]

Montgomery, Missie: Mrs. Montgomery Dead. Double Springs, Dec. 6. -- Mrs. Missie Montgomery died at this place yesterday. Mrs. Montgomery was one of the old landmarks of this county, being near eighty years of age. She was a daughter of the late Jeff Shaw who was a prominent figure in the earlier history of Cookeville. Mrs. M. was a good-hearted lady and will be greatly missed in the community. [Date: 12/8/1898, Vol. XII, No. 10, Page 1]

Moore, Margaret P.: Death of Mrs. Margaret P. Moore. The people of Cookeville and surround country were pained to learn of the death of Mrs. Margaret P. Moore, wife of the J. H. Moore, which occurred at her home on Depot street last Wednesday afternoon. Mrs. Moore had been sorely afflicted for several years, and whle it was generally known that the end with her was not far off, yet her death falls heavily upon an aged husband, a large circle of children, grand children and devoted friends. She was 71 years of age and was one of the first inhabitants of Cookeville after it was located in 1854. She was a noble wife, a devoted, loving mother, a true friend and a devout christian woman. She had been a consistent member of the M. E. Church, South, from girlhood, kind and considerate to the poor and need, full of charity and the christian graces, an humble, devoted follower of the blessed Master, whose pure and immortal soul dwells with the redeemed around the Throne of Him who shed his precious blood that all such might have and enjoy eternal life. The Press joins the saddened home circle in expressions of deepest sorrow. [Date: 10/27/1898, Vol. XII, No. 4, Page 5]

Mott, Mrs. Robert: Mrs. Robert Mott died at her home in West Cookeville Monday evening after a week's sickness. She leaves two twin infants about one week old as well as a husband and several other children to mourn her loss, she was a most estimable lady and well thought of by all who knew her. [Date: 5/12/1898, Vol. XI, No. 30, Page 5]

Mullins, David: We are sorry to announce the death of Uncle David Mullins, at his home near Nettle Carrier, last week. (Overton County) [Date: 2/17/1898, Vol. XI, No. 18, Page 8]

Neely, Berry: Berry Neely, living near Hilham, was found dead in his bed Tuesday morning. He had been apparently well the night before. (Overton County) [Date: 1/27/1898, Vol. XI, No. 15, Page 8]

Oakwood, Charles: Charles Oakwood, who we mentioned last week as having made the trip from St. Paul, Minn., to White county in a small boat, died last Friday at Jas. Tollison's, of malarial fever and was buried Saturday near the old home place in this county. He was 60 years of age. (White County) [Date: 10/27/1898, Vol. XII, No. 4, Page 8]

Ogletree, Alice: Mrs. Alice Ogletree, of Hilham, Overton county who was being treated at Dr. Fowler's private infirmatory one mile west of town, died Monday night. Her remains were carried to Hilham Tuesday evening for interment. She had been an invalid for quite some time. (Jackson County) [Date: 10/27/1898, Vol. XII, No. 4, Page 8]

Overton, John: Col. John Overton Dead. Nashville, Dec. 13. -- Col. John Overton, a life-long resident of Davidson county; died yesterday morning of 10 o'clock at his home, six miles out on the Franklin road, at the advanced age of 77 years. His death was due to an attack of paralysis of the heart. [Date: 12/15/1898, Vol. XII, No. 11, Page 1]

Patterson, Child of Mr. and Mrs. J. D.: A little year old child of Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Patterson died at their home near Bluhm last Thursday. (Dekalb County) [Date: 2/3/1898, Vol. XI, No. 16, Page 8]

Pecosky, Mike: Another miner at Bon Air met with a sudden death last week. Mike Pecosky was overcome with powder smoke and death resulted in a few hours. He failed to fire all his blasts on leaving Friday evening and went back to finish when he was overcome. When found life was not exinct, but he could not be revived. He leaves a wife and two small children. (White County) [Date: 10/20/1898, Vol. XII, No. 3, Page 8]

Perkins, W. J.: Gone but not Forgotten. The angel of death has again entered our home, and taken our beloved father, W. J. Perkins, away from pain and suffering to peace and joy unspeakable. He was born Dec. 23, 1825, and after nearly seventy-three years of usefulness was taken through the gateway to joy April 11, 1898. He was the father of nine children. . . O. M. D. [Date: 5/26/1898, Vol. XI, No. 32, Page 1]

Perkins, W. J.: Death of W. J. Perkins -- It is with much regret we learn of the death of W. J. Perkins, which occurred at his home, one mile from Cookeville, last Monday night at 11 o'clock. Mr. Perkins suffered from Bright's disease for three weeks preceding his death, but he bore it with manly fortitude and christian resignation. He was conscious of his perilous condition and freely expressed himself as being ready for the final ordeal. At one time he said: "Oh, it is a beautiful time for me to die. I have no fears for the future. I am ready to meet God in peace, and dread the sting of death." Mr. Perkins was one of the first men to move into Cookeville after it was located in 1854, and has resided here ever since. He was the second Sheriff of the county and discharged the duties of the office with perfect satisfaction to all. He was a big souled, high minded man, and stood high in the estimation of all who knew him. He was a faithful husband, a considerate father and a staunch, devoted member of the Christian Church for the last twenty-five ears. He was devoted to his family, and they all loved and worshiped him, and are bowed down in sorrow at their irreparable loss. He was nearly 73 years old at the time of his death, having lived a long and useful life, scattering blessing and charity along his pathway. The Press joins in the general sorrow which is felt by all who knew him. His remains were interred at the family burying grounds last Tuesday afternoon at three o'clock. [Date: 4/14/1898, Vol. XI, No. 26, Page 1]

Phillips, Lum: After an illness of only a few days, Lum Phillips, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Phillips, died at his home about five miles from this place, last Thursday evening. (Dekalb County) [Date: 2/3/1898, Vol. XI, No. 16, Page 8]

Pierson, Frank: Frank Pierson died at his home in Nashville last Monday at 3:40p.m., after a lingering illness of consumption, surrounded by his family. He was 31 years of age, was a member of the Christian church and the order of Knights of Pythias and was a most genial and pleasant gentleman. He leaves a wife (who is the daughter of T. B. Riles, of Sparta) and two children. (White County) [Date: 1/20/1898, Vol. XI, No. 14, Page 8]

Pippin, Sid: Gainesboro, Nov. 8. -- Today James Keith shot and killed Sid Pippin six miles from this place. The trouble grew out of a family affair. Both of the participants were formerly "blind tiger" men from Putnam County. [Date: 11/10/1898, Vol. XII, No. 6, Page 1]

Potter, T. B.: We regret to learn that T. B. Potter one of DeKalb county's best citizens, died at him home in Smithville last Friday. Mr. Potter was a public spirited noble man, and his death carries with it a pang of regret wherever he was known. [Date: 12/1/1898, Vol. XII, No. 9, Page 5]

Potts, Andy: Andy Potts, ex-Sheriff of White county, died last Sunday morning. [Date: 5/19/1898, Vol. XI, No. 31, Page 5]

Purdom, W. M.: W. M. Purdom died at his home in this place last Sunday morning at 2:30 o'clock, after an illness of less than two months, of consumption. (White County) [Date: 1/13/1898, Vol. XI, No. 13, Page 8]

Pursely, Griffith: Died, yesterday morning at 5 o'clock, Griffith Pursely, aged about 15 months. The remains will be taken to Lebanon to-day for interment. The grief stricken parents have the deepest sympathy of the entire community. [Date: 3/17/1898, Vol. XI, No. 22, Page 5]

Putty, Sam: Sam Putty, an old and highly respected citizen of Bloomington, died at that place Saturday night. [Date: 5/19/1898, Vol. XI, No. 31, Page 5]

Putty, High: High Putty, of this place, died at his home in west side Friday of typhoid fever. Mr. Putty was engineer at the Gregory factory, and was a good, hard working man. [Date: 12/8/1898, Vol. XII, No. 10, Page 8]

Rayburn, Daughter of W. H.: Child Burned to Death. -- Last Tuesday morning, while it's mother had stepped over to her mother-in-law's house, the clothes of the little four-year-old daughter of W. H. Rayburn caught fire. It ran into the street, but before assistance could reach it it was so badly burned that death ensued Tuesday about 12 o'clock. The poor little thing suffered intense agony until death relieved it. The family has the deepest sympathy of the community. [Date: 2/24/1898, Vol. XI, No. 19, Page 5]

Scott, John: a negro named John Scott was drowned Tuesday in Blue Spring creek, near its mouth, which was much swollen by the recent rains. (White County) [Date: 1/20/1898, Vol. XI, No. 14, Page 8]

Sherrill, Rebekah: Mrs. Rebekah Sherrill, an old and highly respected woman, died at her home in the 2d district of this county last Monday morning. [Date: 4/7/1898, Vol. XI, No. 25, Page 5]

Snodgrass, Thos.: Killed Himself. Crossville, Nov. 5. -- Thos. Snodgrass, of this place, killed himself today by jumping in a well. Mr. Snodgrass has been in bad health for some time which preyed on his mind until it culminated in this fatal act. He was a younger brother of Hon. C. E. Snodgrass. [Date: 11/10/1898, Vol. XII, No. 6, Page 1]

Spain, Wm.: Last Thursday at his home near here, occurred the death of Mr. Wm. Spain. (Dekalb County) [Date: 2/3/1898, Vol. XI, No. 16, Page 8]

Stone, Evert: Evert Stone, son of mr. and Mrs. Z. T. Stone of Cherry Creek, died recently, in his fourteenth year. Evert was a most promising boy, bright and happy. We extend our heartfelt sympathy to the bereaved family. [Date: 8/4/1898, Vol. XI, No. 44, Page 5]

Strassner, Mattie: Gen. W. G. Smith received news of the death of his cousin, Mrs. Mattie Strassner, who died at Columbus, Ind., Aug 26. She has visited Sparta several times. (White County) [Date: 9/8/1898, Vol. XI, No. 49, Page 10]

Taylor, Margie: Death of Miss Margie Taylor. The dark winged Angel fo Death visited the home of H. C. Taylor, four miles south-west of Cookeville, last Monday night, and bore away to the realms of light the gentle spirit of his daughter, Margie, a bright and interesting young lady just nineteen years of age. She had suffered patiently many weeks with a lung trouble induced by a severe attack of pneumonia, but it was not throught that the end was so near until just before the summons came. She had lived and active and consecrated member of the C. P. churhc and her peaceful transition was a fitting close to a spotless life cut short in it's Spring time of budding promise. The remains were interred at the Cameron cemetry, in White County, yesterday. [Date: 3/24/1898, Vol. XI, No. 23, Page 5]

Taylor, Margie: Memorial -- Miss Margie Taylor, daughter of H. C. Taylor, died March 22, 1898. Margie was 19 years old, just blooming in womanhood whenour Redeemer called her home. She was a very bright and interesting girl. Ever in her face was a beam of sunshine and those who were in her company were always made cheerful. She had a smile and a pleasant word for all of her friends, old as well as young. Just a year ago she was attending school at the Yeargan Hall where she won the affections of her teacher and school-mates who mourn her departure. But Margie was a Christian and we believe that she has gone to her Savior. She was very patient all through her sickness and before she died she smiled and said she was happy and believed the Lord was with her. Her cheerful face and voice will be missed here, but shall make one of the angels around the throne where all is peace and joy. [Date: 4/7/1898, Vol. XI, No. 25, Page 5]

Taylor, Margie: J. W. Taylor and daughter, Miss Lucy, were called to witness the death of their near relative, Miss Margie Taylor, last week. [Date: 3/31/1898, Vol. XI, No. 24, Page 1]

Thompson, Mrs. A. S.: Obituary. We regret to announce the death of Mrs. A. S. Thompson, which occurred at the home of her son, Mr. Jesse Thompson, three miles west of Cookeville, on the 21st inst. Mrs. Thompson had been a consistent member fo the Christian church for nearly sixty years, being 89 yearls old on the day of her death. She was the widow of E. L. Thompson, who died many years. Ago. She was the mother of twelve children. She was an humble Christian, a charitabe neighbor, a good mother and always redy to do her part in all good works. She was buried at the old family graveyard now owned by W. H. Terry. Peace to her memory. [Date: 8/4/1898, Vol. XI, No. 44, Page 5]

Vick, Jeff: Jeff Vick Dead. The friends of Jeff Vick will be surprised to learn of his death, which occurred at his home three miles north of this place Tuesday afternoon. He was only ill for a few days with pneumonia. Mr. Vick was well known to our people, and be it said to his memory, that none knew any small thing about the man. He was honest and upright in all his dealings. He was a kind hearted, good natured christian gentleman, industrious and frugal. He made a good living and harmed no one. Such men are truly a benefit to a community. We deplore his loss, and desire to add our most profound regrets at his untimely end. [Date: 11/10/1898, Vol. XII, No. 6, Page 5]

Wallace, Daughter of Jim: Jim Wallace's daughter died last Sunday. She lived with her father in the 12th district. [Date: 4/7/1898, Vol. XI, No. 25, Page 1]

Walling, Hugh: Mr. Hugh Walling, brother of our townsman, J. N. Walling, died at Houston, Texas, last Saturday of fever. His death was so sudden and unexpected none of the family could attend the funeral. He leaves a wife and child in Nashville, wher he was in the employ of Phillips & Buttorff Co. (White County) [Date: 9/22/1898, Vol. XI, No. 51, Page 8]

Ward, Nancy: Miss Nancy Ward, a well to do and highly respected woman, died at her home near Algood, last Thursday. [Date: 4/21/1898, Vol. XI, No. 27, Page 3]

Watson, Child of Jabez: A three year old child of Jabez Watson, Equ., died from croup, last Thursday. [Date: 1/13/1898, Vol. XI, No. 13, Page 5]

Webb, J. C.: The sudden death of Dr. J. C. Webb occurred last Monday morning at 10 o'clock at the residence of his brother, F. Z. Webb, at this place. Dr. Webb and his wife came here last Thursday from McComb City, Miss., for a short visit to relatives and friends. (Dekalb County) [Date: 11/17/1898, Vol. XII, No. 7, Page 8]

Welch, Sarah Conway: In Memory of a Loving Mother. Sarah Conway was born in Kentucky Oct. 22, 1804, and at the age of forty-three years came to Jackson county where she was resided ever since. She was married to James Welch at the age of 18 and lived a happy life with her husband. She was the mother of nine children and raised seven to a good age, and six of whom survive her. She is the grand mother of 72 children; the great grand mother of 157 children, and the great great grand mother of 10 children. She died Oct. 23, 1898, living to the of 94 years and one day. -- Rev. M. Judd [Date: 12/15/1898, Vol. XII, No. 11, Page 8]

Whitson, Miss: Miss Whitson, daughter of William Whitson of the 7th district, died last Tuesday. [Date: 3/10/1898, Vol. XI, No. 21, Page 5]

Woodward, Charley: Killed His Friend. -- Carthage, April 29. -- Yesterday while Charley Woodard and Samuel Garrett, two young men, were out hunting near their homes, near Monoville, five miles from here, a dog came running up close to where Garrett was, and he thinking the animal was made, fired at him. The shot missed the the dog and accidentally struck Woodard, filling his body with shot and killing almost instantly. Woodard was about 17 years of age, and was a son of Felix Woodard, who was killed in ambush near Riddleton, about one year ago. The occurrence was very much regretted as both were very clever boys and well though of. [Date: 5/5/1898, Vol. XI, No. 29, Page 1]

Wright, A. J.: Death of a Well-Known Citizen. A. J. Wright, an old and highly respectd citizen of the 1st district, died at his home last Friday evening. He was 77 years old, lacking one day. He had been a citizen of this county for many years, and was always sober, moral and industrious. He raised a larged and respectable family of boys and girls. He was a devoted member of the C. P. church, and died as he had lived, with the blessed assurance of the joys that await the finally faithfull. Peace to his memory. [Date: 2/3/1898, Vol. XI, No. 16, Page 5]

Young, M. B.: Judge M. B. Young, a prominent lawyer of Gainesboro, was stricken with paralysis while standing in the court-house in that place, last Saturday afternoon and fell to the ground. He was carried to his home, where he died the same evening. [Date: 1/13/1898, Vol. XI, No. 13, Page 5]

Young, Mother of Hamp: Mrs. Young died last week at the home of her son, Hamp Young, in the 12th district. (Gentry) [Date: 4/7/1898, Vol. XI, No. 25, Page 1]