The following obituaries appear in the 1960 issues of the Putnam County Herald.
6 January - Page 2
  • Marcellus Russell, age 61, died Monday. Wife: Pearl Russell. Daughter: Jean Russell.
  • Jimmy Montgomery, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Olen Montgomery. Died at birth Jan 3. Brother: Melvin Montgomery. Grandparent: Mrs. Nancy C??ier.
6 January - Page 5
  • Eliza Ann Scarlett, age 74, died Saturday. Son: Horace Scarlett. Brother: Eldridge Grimes.
6 January - Page 8
  • Clara Ruth Peterman, 35 of Louisville, KY, died Dec. 29. Husband: James C. Peterman. Son: Jimmy Peterman. Daughters: Virginia Ann, Betty, and Juanita Peterman. Parents: Mrs. & Mr. J. B. Robbins. Brothers: Ina M. Robbins, J. B. Robbins, Jr., James E. Robbins, Will Herman Robbins, Earl H. Robbins.
6 January - Page 9
  • Morgan Haney, age 63, died 6 December. Wife: Lona Haney. Sons: Elbert Haney, Stanley Haney. Daughters: Mrs. Mildred Thompson, Linda Haney. Brothers: Charlie Haney, Linnie Haney. Sisters: Ova Haney, Avo Haney.
6 January - Page 11
  • David Harris Whiteaker, age 50, died Friday in Miamiburg, OH. Wife: Laura Whitaker. Daughters: Pauline Winter, Virginia Ward, Odell Whiteaker. Sons: Harrison Whiteaker, Jimmy Lee Whiteaker, Clayton Whiteaker. Step-son: Tommy Harmon. Father: Morgan Whiteaker. Sisters: Mrs. John Grant, Mrs. Ray Kirby, Mrs. Della Vinson, Mrs. Callie Jackson, Mrs. Harvey Maxwell, Mrs Sam Bullock. Brothers: Payton Whiteaker, Harvey Whiteaker, Walter Whiteaker.
  • Charlie Grant, age 72, died Dec. 7. Parents: Moses Grant and Nancy Phillips Grant. Wife: Ruth Maxwell Grant. Daughters: Mrs. Odell Brown, Mrs. Myrtle Fiddler. Son: Buster Grant. Brothers: Phillip Grant, Clifton Grant. Sister: Emma Robertson.
  • Ida Miranda Nash, age 74, died 26 December. Husband: Alfred Nash. Daughter: Ada Stone. Sons: Kenneth Nash, Clarence Nash. Sisters: Mrs. W. P. Worley, Mrs. C. M. Hands, Mrs. L. G. Puckett. Brother W. M. Maxwell.
  • Walter Pinkston, age 56, died Thursday. Wife: Myrtle Walker Pinkston. Daughters: Thelma Lollar, Anna Lane, Jean Mayberry, and Pauline, Sue Rubby and Brenda Pinston. Mother: Cassie Pinkston. Brother: Bill Pinkston. Sisters: Eva Deering, Bessie Ramsey, Effie Wooten.
11 January - Page 2
  • James Alvin Hancock, age 38, died Thursday.
11 January - Page 10
  • Lee Ann Phillips, age 92, died 29 December in Detroit, MI. Daughter: Louella Pharris. Sons: Willis Harris, Garfield Phillips, Herbert Phillips, Floro Phillips. Brother: Jim Tinch. Husband: Logan Phillips.
14 January - Page 2
  • Effie Dixon Frankin, age 49, died Saturday. Parents: Brack and Gundie Bohannon Dixson. Husband: Jessie Lee Franklin. Daughters: Hazel Phillips, Helen Montgomery. Sons: Earl and Carl Franklin. Sisters: Mamie Davis, Flossie Choate, Clara Choate, Mary Morton, Bertie Ann Buckner, Pat Burgess. Brothers: Jack and Charlie Dixson.
  • Mrs. Joe Bryant, age 70, died 10 January. Formerly Fanny Bilbrey. Parents: Andrew and Mary Key Bilbrey. Sons: Clarence Bryant, James Bryant. Daughter: Irene Davis, Ova Mae Stockton, Anice Bryant, Myrtie Whitaker, Ethel Bilbrey. Brothers: ----
14 January - Page 5
  • William Allen Simcox, age 84, died 2 January in Middlesboro, KY. Sons: Arthur Simcox, Herschell Simcox. Daughter: Florence Webb. Sister: Mrs. George Miller.
21 January - Page 2
  • Mary Jane Bowden, age 85, died 12 January. Daughter: Ova Bowden.
  • Holt McCloud, age 53, died 10 January.
21 January - Page 6
  • Frank Hall, age 51, died 15 January in Grand Rapids, MI. Parents: Frank and Ida Hall. Sons: Frank Hall, Jr. Morris Hall.
21 January  - Page 9
  • Holt McLoud, age 53, died 10 January. Wife: Rebeccah McLoud. Son: Raymond McLoud. Brother: Hollis McLoud.
25 January - Page 2
  • Charlie W. Robertson, age 86, died Tuesday. Daughters: Tina Robinson, Lula Adloins, Mrs. Gordon Smith, Pearl Foltz. Sons: Vestle, Carl, Kenneth, and Gene Roberson. Sister: Mrs. G. T. Henry. Brother: John Roberson.
  • Mrs. Clayton Wyman, died Friday in Hagerman, NM. Parents: Rev and Mrs. S. S. Perry.
  • Carson Lane, age 44, died yesterday. Wife: Euna Davis Lane. Son: Tommy Lane. Sister: Mrs. Perry Steakley. Brother: A. L. Lane.
25 January - Page 8
  • Corden Millard Stone, age 75, died Wednesday. Wife: Sarah Elizabeth Stone.
  • Sarah Butler Daniels, died Wednesday. Husband, John W. Daniels. Son: Roy Daniels. Daughter: Pasco Eller. Brother: Essex Perry.
  • Beulah Hale, age 75, died Tuesday. Daughter: Mary Emma Woods. Husband: Bob Hale. Sons: Henry Vestell Peek, Isaac Hale, Matthew Hale, Daniel Peek. BrotherL Willse Martin.
  • Stanton Ellison Pennington, age 76, died Wednesday. Wife: Laura B. Pennington.
28 January - Page 2
  • Thomas E. Murphy, age 81, died Wednesday. Daughters: Ouda Bowers, Ova Judd. Son: Virgil Murphy. Brother: H. H. Murphy. Sisters: Georgia Copeland, Nancy Ogletree.
  • Mrs. A. G. Lindsey, last week in Perkinston, MI. Daughter: Mrs. Roy Parson.
  • Mart Louis Hensley, age 63, died 17 January. Mother: Savannah Hensley. Son: John Willis Hensley. Daughters: Margaret Hensley, Mrs. Riddle B. Thomas, Barbara Pippin. Brothers: R. B. Hensley, Ernest Hensley. Sisters: Mary Alice Haney, Ora P. Allen. Vida Mae Hamilton, Clara Hamlet.
28 January - Page 7
  • Walter Hamby, died Sunday in Dayton, OH. Brother-in-law: Clay Storie. Wife: Myrtle Storie Hamby.
  • Robert Draper Franklin, age 61, died 15 January. Cousins: Mrs. J. C. Darwin, Mrs. Pennock Moore, Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Draper, Annette Draper. Parents: Ben and Lizzie Draper Franklin.
28 January - Page 9
  • Levi Perkins Nash, age 82, died Sunday. Sons: Solon Nash, Carl Nash, Willard Nash. Daughters: Jane Murray, Emma Warren, Ethel Warren, Elma Allison. Brothers: J. Z. Nash, G. D. Nash. Sister: Nancy Allison.
4 February - Page 2
  • Andrew Sidwell, age 67, died 28 January. Wife: Stella Miller Sidwell. Daughters: Mrs. Perry Phillips, Mrs. Hoyt Wilson, Mrs. J. B. William, Mrs. Charles Hargis, Betty Sidwel, Burnie Sidwell. Sons: Esco Sidwell, Lois Sidwell, Glen Sidwell. Brothers: Roxie Sidwell, Lonzo Sidwell. Sister: Mrs. Roy Griffin.
  • Louise Maxwell, age 47, died Saturday. Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Bro Roberts.
  • Thomas A. Abston, age 90, died 27 January in Dayton, OH. Sons: L. M. Abston, T. E. Abston. Daughters: Mrs. Aquell Wheeler, Mrs. Mary Conley. Brothers: George Abston, Jim Abston.
4 February - Page 8
  • Mary Victoria Apple, age 89, died Wednesday. Daughter: Bessie Stidham. Husband: Ridley Apple. Sons: Wayne Apple, Clifton Apple, Joe Apple. Daughters: Vesta Harris, Florence Stout, Eunice Brown, Mrs. Stidham. Sisters: Floy Whitehead, Madelyne Sperlock, Fannie Odell.
  • Leo Lawhorn, died Tuesday. Wife: Emma Ledbetter Lawhorn. Daughters: Wilma Eldridge, Sylvia Lawhorn.
8 February - Page 8
  • Malvina Roberts, age 62, died Sunday. Husband: Henry Roberts. Daughters: Lillian Carpenter, Edna May Copeland, Mary Alice Bartlett. Sisters: Laura Buckner, Emily Buckner. Brothers: Logue Flatt, Norman Flatt, Duell Flatt.
15 February - Page 2
  • Joseph Marion Carrington, age 82, died Friday. Parents: Arch and Sarah Josephine Cook Carrington. Sons: Eskell Carrington, A. B. Carrington. Daughters: Osie Williams, Josephine Shely, Gorda Boney
15 February - Page 6
  • Martha Alice Copeland, age 73. died Thursday in Livingston. Parents: John and Alice Singleton Ledford.
18 February - Page 2
  • William Daniel Gentry, age 77, died Sunday. Daughter: Mrs. Steve Holder, Mrs. Sallie Scott, Mrs. Grady Smith. Brothers: George Gentry, John Gentry, Leslie Gentry, Thurman Gentry. Half-sisters: Bertha Carlide, Ruthie Gentry. Half-brothers: Joe Edward Gentry, Junior Gentry. Step-daughter: Mrs. Flem Newman. Step-sons: Casto Sparks, Arnold Sparks, Leonard Judd.
22 February - Page 6
  • Schrilda Adeline Smith, age 72, died Sunday. Sons: James Howard Smith, Clay Smith. Daughters: Eliza Hawkins, Filena Tayes, Ella Lee Woolbright. Brother: Ben Pigg. Half-brothers: Josh Pigg, Willie Pigg, George Pigg, Charlie Pigg, Frank Rhoten, Andy Rhoten. Half-sisters: Ameilia Dailey, Pearl Kirk, Eliza Lee Kinnard.
  • Burl Jones, died 24 February 1959.
25 February  - Page 1
  • Virgil Stanton, age 70, died Wednesday. Parents: Albert and Mary Frances Jared Stanton. Son: Joe Beverly Stanton. Daughter: Mabel Joyce Presley. Brothers: Mizell Stanton, Fee Stanton, Garland Stanton. 
25 February - Page 6
  • Frank Carter died in Detroit, MI. Wife: Manilla Voughan Carter. Sisters: Deliah Bandy, Mrs. A. P. Chaffin, Mrs. Dorsie Ramsey, Beaulah McCaleb. Ruby Gentry. Brothers: Cefore Carter, Claud Carter, Oliver Carter, Loveman Carter, Leaman Carter, O'Brien Carter, Luens Carter.
  • Oscar Hulbert Warren, age 69. Sons: H. Carrel Warren, Fred Warren, Raymond Warren. Sister: Mrs. H. T. Giles. Brothers: Oakley Warren, Sid Warren.
  • William Porter Ream, age 84, died 18 February in Mayland. Wife: Frona Alice Roam. Daughters: Glayds, Addie, Hattie, Alice Roam. Brother: James Roam. Sisters: Dona Stover, Ella Taylor.
  • Elbert B. Phillips, age 59, died 15 February in Detroit, MI. Parents: George M. and Barbara Norrod Phillips. Wife: Madge Warren Phillips. Son: Elbert Phillips Jr., George M. Phillips, Jr., Arthur D. Phillips. Sisters: Mrs. Walter Gragg, Mrs. Ethel Hoover, Mrs. Al Simmons, Mrs. Beecher Ford, Mrs. Charles Norrod, Mrs. Frank Cariton.
  • Goodman Polly died 18 February in Nashville. Son: Sidney Polly. 
25 February - Page 7
  • Cora Murphy, age 66, died Tuesday. Husband: Leslie Murphy. Daughter: Moble Coleman. Sons: Jeffrey Murphy, Robert Murphy, George Murphy, James Murphy.
  • Sarah Bowden, age 76, died Wednesday. Daughter: Mrs. Mike Blaylock, Mae Bowden. Sons: Harry Joe Bowden, James A. Bowden. Brother: Virgil Cooper. Sisters: Mary Wright, Joyce R. Gunter.
29 February - Page 8
  • E. Cordel McDonald, age 35, died in Seattle, WA. Father: Howard M. and Willie Lee Davenport McDonald. Aunts: Bertie Mae Miller, Margaret Esger, Hattie Austin, Beulah M. Cooper, Nellie M. Clark. Uncles: W. D. McDonald, Edgar McDonald.
  • Everett Lowell Grimsley Jr, age 8, Saturday. Parents: E. L. and Virginia McGee Grimsley. Sisters: Esther, Lorelle and Dapshine Grimsley. Grandparents: Mr. and Mrs. Howard Grimsley.
  • Robert Lee Harris, age 73, this morning. Wife: Gulie Harris. Dauther: Ollie Harris. Brother: Burris Harris.
3 March - Page 2
  • Mrs. J. R. Tollison, age 86, died Thursday in Sparta. Formerly: Nora Mott. Daughters: Nancy Peek, Pasco Click. Sons: Will Tollison, Alvin Tollison. Brother: L. S. Mott. Sister: Della Davis.
  • Mrs. Whitson Holloway, age 83, died Wednesday in Nashville. Daughters: Jewell Flippen, Ora McBroom, Margie Judd, Ruby Horner, Dimple Cook. Parents: Levi and Harriet Henley Steward. Sons: Denney Holloway, Doyle Holloway.
7 March - Page 1
  • Justin Wright, age 30, died yesterday in Muskogee, OK. Parents: Mr. and Mrs. W. Carroll Wright.
7 March - Page 3
  • Jesse Mack Harris, age 73, died last Tuesday. Parents: James and Martha Mayberry Harris. Wife: Lillie Webb Harris. Son: Earl Harris. Brothers: Leander Harris, Fowler Harris, Jeff Harris. Sister: Effie Kirby. 
10 March - Page 5
  • Willie Thomas Laycock, age 65, died Wednesday in Nashville. Parents: Jim and Sara Alice Matheney Laycock. Wife: Maggie Howard Laycock. Daughter: Clara Mae Nelson. Brother: Oscar Laycock. Sister: Mattie Bell Swallow.
  • Justin Wyatt, age 30, died in Muskogee, OK. Wife: Betty Wyatt. Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Carrol Wright. Sisters: Mrs. Carson Baisley, Mrs. Ray Hamilton, Mrs. Carl Henderson, Mrs. Alva McCloud, Mrs. Mabel Knox. Brothers: Ridley Wyatt, Alfred Wyatt, Browder Wyatt, Lester Wyatt.
17 March - Page 2
  • Ira Nabors, age 35, died Tuesday in Lebanon. Parents: David Wesley and Letha Jane Roberts Nabors. Wife: Margie McCulley Nabors. Son: James David. Daughters: Bonnie Lucille, Maureen Nabors. Sister: Alice Peters. Nephews: Harvey Leonard Franklin, Ray Peters. 
  • Perry Franklin Essex, age 93, died Monday. Parents: Simp and Lucetta Watson Essex. Daughters: Pearl Raymer, Laura Farley.
17 March - Page 7
  • Mary Neely, age 86, died Tuesday. Daughters: Mrs. J. A. Alred, Mrs. Arlie Norris, Mrs. Frank Austin, Mrs. Carson Phillips, Mrs. Dock Looper, and Minnie Neely. Sisters: Florence Evans, Mrs. Ben Thompson. 
17 March - Page 9
  • Charles H. Proffitt, age 56, died Tuesday in Chattanooga. Sister: Mrs. Creed Maynard. Parents: R. E. L. and Ann Goodwin Proffitt. Son: Robt. Proffitt. Brothers: J. R. Profitt, J. H. Proffitt, Herman Proffitt. 
21 March - Page 3
  • Oella Carr, age 92, died Wednesday. Daughters: Mrs. Dave Whitson, Mrs. Lester Loftis. Sons: Henry Carr, Haskel Carr, Marvin Carr, Bill Carr. Sisters: Oma Collins, Mrs. Cappie McCormick. Mrs. Deanie West. 
21 March - Page 5
  • Arie Susan Kirby, age 69, Thursday. Husband: William C. Kirby. Daughters: Ann Ruth Stockton, Lena Opal Carter, Nellie Lou Milton, Dorothy Burgess. Sons: Homer Kirby, Ezra Frazier Kirby. Brothers: Bob Wade, Bill Wade, Littleton Wade.
21 March - Page 8
  • Vina Lou Smith, age 89, died Thursday. Son: Virgil Smith. Brothers: Fate Tucker, Oscar Tucker.
  • Arbarie Jones Loftis, age 80, died Friday in Gainesboro. Son: Russell Loftis. Daughters: Mrs. Henry Jones, Mrs. Edgar McBroom, Martha Wade. Brother: Howard Jones. Sisters: Cleo Phillips, Mrs. R. B. Anderson.
24 March - Page 2
  • George Washington Frazier, age 75, died Friday. Brother: John Lee Frazier.
  • Susanna Charlotte Nelson, age 82, died Wednesday. Daughter: Mrs. E. C. Hutcheson. Sisters: Flora Pieper, Pearl Weimer. 
  • Gore Sadler. Sisters: Mrs. H. B. Young, Mrs. H. R. Tinsley, Mrs. Bill Carter. Nephews: Ken and Joe Young, Dan and John Young.
28 March - Page 1
  • Bobby Lee Carter, age 20, died last night. Father: Ponte Carter. Sisters: Mrs. Myrtle Stewart,  Mrs. Mary Cobb, Mrs. Helen Null, Mrs. Jewel Bowman. Brothers: Carl Carter, Howard Carter. Grandmother: Laura Stout.
  • Alonzo (Lon) Bennett, age 85, died Wednesday. Parents: Bert and Louisa Gibbons Bennett. Wife: Ethel Reynolds Bennett. Sons: Willie Mitchell Bennett, Virgil Howard Bennett, Carlan Clyde Bennettt. Sister: Mary Hardy. Brother: John Bennett.
28 March - Page 8
  • Charlie Dyer, age 64, died Sunday. Parents: Thomas W. and Laura Carr Dyer. Wife: Bessie McBroom Dyer. Daughter: Mrs. Billy Luke. Son: Robert Dyer. Sister: Mrs. Storie Mott. Brother: Wilburn Dyer.
31 March - Page 3
  • W. M. Randolph, age 83, died Friday in Sparta. Children: Hubert Randolph, Davie Mae Young. Brothers: Kerry Randolph, Crock Randolph, Earnest Randolph. Sisters: Mrs. Nora Baker, Mrs. Clara Bumbalough, Mrs. Billy Roberts, Mrs. Pearlie Lafever, Mrs. Viola Pharris.
  • Minnie Pendergrass Henly, age 69, died Sunday in Daytona Beach. Parents: John and Bess Steward Pendergrass. Husband: Bob Henley. Children: Pashall Dyer Henley, John Ridley Henley, Odell Henley, Mrs. Reba Benson, Mrs. Ruby Lowe, Miss Elizabeth Henley. Brother: John Ridley Pendergrass. Step-daughters: Mrs. Howard Choate, Mrs. Otto Abner.
  • Bobby Lee Carter, age 20, died Sunday night. 
  • Mrs. L. E. Garrett, died today in Lake City. Husband: mentioned, but not named. Daughter: Mrs. W. R. Whitaker. 
 14 April - Page 1
  • W. A. Nicholson, died Wednesday in Michigan City, IN. Daughter: Mrs. Lee Medley.
14 April - Page 3
  • Oscar Puckett, age 74, died Tuesday. Wife: Louvilla Frazier Puckett. Children: James O. Puckett, John H. Puckett, George L. Puckett, T. J. Puckett, Gene Pucket, Mrs. Aline Ervin, Mrs. Cassie Burnett, Mrs. Hester Titsworth, Mrs. Emmey Titsworth, Mrs. Eva Louis Durhan, Mris Minnie Murell Briver, Mrs. Retta Nell Farley. Sisters: Mrs. Martha Eller, Mrs. Etta Estes. Brother: Martin Puckett. 
  • Ethel C. Whitaker, age 68, died Sunday. Wife: Essie Garrison Whitaker. Children: Mrs. H. L. Hilbert, L. F. Whitaker, Hugh Whitaker, James Whitaker, Bruce Whitaker. Brother: George J. Whitaker. Sisters: Mrs. Quine Roberson, Callie Whitaker, Fanny Whitaker, Mrs. Lee Grimsley, Mrs. Tilford Moore.
  • Dolly Anderson, 77, died Sunday. Widow of Clinton Anderson. Parents: Albert and Helen Smith Merritt. Daughters: Mrs. Alta Maxwell, Mrs. Elease Rittenberry, Mrs. Edna Jones. Sister: Mrs. Jennie McDuffey. Brother: Tom Merritt.
  • Ida Blanch Garrison Pippin, age 83, died Tuesday. Children: Mrs. Birdwell, Mrs. Arthur LaBriche, Mrs. James Jones, Mrs. Clifford Malone, Mrs. Alice Gembe, Charlie Pippin. Sister: Mrs. Francis Rice.
21 April - Page 3
  • Laura Bullock, age 81, died Thursday. Parents: John and Elvie Clouse Bullock. Sister: Mrs. Brice Wright. Nephews: Wilma Lee Bullock, Wesley Bullock.
  • Ora Jane Smith, age 86, died Friday in Sparta. Parents: Leonard and Marier Maynard Smith. Sister: Mrs. Bob Phillips.
  • William Russell Brewer, age 95, died Thursday. Parents: John and Sarah Fields Brewer. Wife: Sallie Stone Brewer. Children: John B. Brewer, James C. Brewer, Mrs. O. T. Phy, Mrs. Velma Rainbelt. Sister: Mrs. Elmer Shaver. Sister-in-law: Mrs. Elsie Brewer.
  • Anna Joyce Thomas Ballard, age 20, died Wednesday in Detroit, MI. Husband: Eddie Ballard. Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Robert Thomas. Sisters: Mrs. Nola Stewart, Mrs. Virginia Steel. Brothers: Toy Thomas, Harvey D. Thomas.
28 April - Page 1
  • James Monroe Hatfield, age 88, died Tuesday. Wife: Willie Mae Barnes (deceased). Sons: Cleburn Hatfield, Gilbert Hatfield. Sister: Mrs. J. A. Mergard.
28 April - Page 7
  • Mr. C. M. Stone. Resolutions 11 April 1960.
  • Virgil Stanton. Resolutions 11 April 1960.
  • Mr. L. P. Nash. Resolutions 11 April 1960.
5 May - Page 8
  • Henry Andrew Johnson, age 77, died April 28 at Crossville. Children: Odell Johnson, Elmer Johnson, Robbie Johnson, Ulyess Johnson, Mrs. Edith Powell, Mrs. Gladys McNally, Mrs. Alma Robbins, Mrs. Lola Bilbrey, Mrs. Ollie Belle Hodge.
  • W. H. Mayberry, 86, died Wednesday. Parents: Will and Samantha Gentry Mayberry. Children: Luther Mayberry, Lonnie Mayberry, U. L. Mayberry, Mrs. Ella Smith. Brother: Lester Mayberry.
  • Clarence William Kirby, age 50, died Thursday. Children: Robert Fred Kirby, Billy Lee Kirby, Carlos Kirby, Mrs. Dorothy June Bass. Brothers: Jesse Lee Kirby, Louis T. Kirby, Howard Kirby, James Kirby. Sisters: Mrs. Gladys Phy, Mrs. Sarah Fry, Mrs. Opal Sullivan.
  • Floyd Estell Scarlett, age 58, died Sunday. Parents: J. B. Scarlett and Mary Ellen Richardson Scarlett. Wife: Vina Scarlett. Children: Floyd E. Scarlett, Mrs. Aline Wheeler, Mrs. Lamada Jared. Brothers: Joe Scarlett, D. C. Scarlett. Sisters: Mrs. Mary Ellen Burgess.
  • Vernie Lou Lewis, age 75, died Tuesday. Half-sisters: Mrs. Vance Ford, Mrs. Martha Holt, Mrs. Beulah Riddle. Brother: Charlie Rector.
  • Columbus Robinson Howell, age 88, died this morning.
12 May - Page 3
  • Nettie Helms Garrison, age 64, died Wednesday. Husband: Solon Garrison. Mother: Nancy Carr Helms. Sons: L. B. Garrison, Clifford Garrison, Alfred Garrison. Brothers: Henry Helms, Newell Helms. Sister: Mrs. Eudlid Carr.
  • Willie Harvey Slagle, age 75, died Wednesday. Parents: Thomas and Sarah Slagle. Wife: Dona Slagle. Children: Mrs. Gladys Robbins, Mrs. Louise Harget, Haskell Slagle, Everett Slagle. Brother: Clave Slagle. 
19 May - Page 1
  • Lou Vina Martin, age 60, died Wednesday. Husband: Joe Martin. Parents: William and Filena Johnson Lynn. Children: Donald E. Martin, Mrs. Allie B. Conners, Mrs. Christine Straeder. Brothers: Allen Lynn, Asa Lynn, Martin Lynn, Avert Lynn, Henry Lynn. Sister: Sarah Smith. 
26 May - Page 3
  • Nell Holloway, age 53, died Saturday. Parents: John and Fannie Holloway. Sisters: Mrs. Herman Peek, Mrs. Cleve James. Brothers: Denny Holloway, C. B. Holloway.
  • Lovella Veteto, age 82, died Sunday. Children: Mrs. Henry Little, Mrs. Willie E. Carter, Mrs Walter Clark, Mrs. T. H. Williams, Mrs. Arnold Roberts, Mrs. W. H. Roberts, Mrs. William P. Sesary, Vestal Veteto, John Veteto, Bill Veteto. Sisters: Dora Walker, Mrs Landen Stockton.
2 June - Page 3
  • Ruth Allison Brandt died May 16 in Hyattsville, MD. Parents: David and Etta Warren Allison. Husband: Harry Brandt. Children: Heather Brandt, Charles Brandt. Sister: Mrs. H. L. Lawhorn.
  • Gordon Lamb, age 45, died Monday in Trotwood, OH. Parents: Mrs. Josey Neal Lamb and the late Ernest Lamb. Wife: Mary Lamb.
  • Molly Lee Palk, age 70, died Wednesday. Widow of Ervin Palk. Children: Harrison Palk, Hubert Palk, Boyd Palk, Elizabeth Cooper. Brothers: Lozier Jackson, John Jackson, Tom Jackson. Sister: Eva Lafever. Half-brother: Charlie Jackson. Half-sisters: Mrs. Virgil Farris, Jewell Anderson, Dovie Stringer, Elizabeth Whitehead.
  • Delbert Lee Martin, age 47, died Monday. Wife: Christine Martin. Mother: Mrs. Jim Farley. Daughters: Joyce Lee Farris, Nora Lou Martin, Marlon Martin, Phyllis Paulett, Harmon Martin, Margaret Martin, Lyndia Gail Martin, Patricia Martin, Rebecca Ann Martin. Brother: George D. Martin. Sister: Trivia Millsap.
  • Mrs. Willie Lee Lewis Dunn, age 65, died Wednesday. Widow of Hershel Dunn. Daughter: Mrs. Halbert Phillips. Sisters: Mrs. Chester Smith, Mrs. Nole Beadle. Mrs. Wayne Hayes, Mrs. Valta Hayes. Brother: Floyd Lewis. Granddaughter: Gail Smith. Great-grand-daughter: Kathy Smith.
  • Samuel Harrison Hutchison, age 79, died last Wednesday. Wife: Lassie Scarlett Hutchison. Children: Estele Ford, Kate Cole, Rose Mechling, James Winnell Hutchinson, Tom Hutchinson. Brother: Bill Hutchison. 
9 June - Page 3
  • Houston Grisham, age 80, died Sunday. Daughters: Mrs. John Tom Lee, Mrs. Benton Lee, Mrs. Walter Kemp. Brother: Herman Grisham. Half-sister: Mrs. Close Bush.
  • Marlin Thurman Pippen, age 39, died Sunday. Parents: Joe Henry and Martha Young Pippen. Wife: Ann Carter Pippen. Children: Joe Lytton, Kathy Marline. Sisters: Nell Pippen, Ester Pippen. Brothers: Eston C. Pippen, Joe Edd Pippen. 
16 June - Page 6
  • America Gibson, age 85, died Wednesday. Widow of Lee Gibson.
23 June - Page 7
  • Frank Smith, age 94, died June 11. Children: Homer Smith, Jim Smith, Everett Smith, Will Smith, Bessie Davis, Anna Belle Rector.
  • Mertie Frances Jaquess, age 73, died Tuesday. Husband: Claude Jaquess. Children: Mrs. B. E. Dugan, Mrs. J. C. Dean, Mrs. Dillard Judd, Mrs. W. L. Dyer, W. N. Frazier, A. E. Farmer, E. L. Farmer, Mitchell Haney. Sister: Mrs. B. M. Huddleston. Brother: Benton Slagle. 
  • Deforest Dodge Lundy, 72, died Monday in Gainesboro. Daughters: Mrs. Clifford Gentry, Mrs. Charles Nunnally, Mrs. Jim Davis. Brother: Wisdon Lundy. Sisters: Edna Judd, Mattie Lunday.
30 June - Page 3
  • David Arnold Rhoton, infant, Tuesday. Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Herman Rhoton. Brother: James Herman Rhoton. Sisters: Essie Rhoton, Levenda Rhoton, Wanda Joyce Rhoton. Grandparents: Mr. and Mrs. Nick Rhoton, Mr. and Mrs. Green Nash. 
  • Rebecca Elizabeth Farley, 82, died Wednesday in Sparta. Parents: Dunk and Diana England Hale. Husband: Alvin C. Farley. Children: Claude Farley, J. T. Farley, James Farley, Fannie Clouse, Dasey Boles. 
7 July - Page 5
  • Alex (Jack) Holloway, 68 died Friday in Detroit, MI. Wife: Essie Goolsby Holloway. Children: John Holloway, Claude Holloway, Mildred Holloway. Brother: Payton Holloway. Sister: Nancy Jane Welch. 
14 July - Page 6
  • Goolie Mae Sparks, 56, died Wednesday. Widow of Alex Sparks. Children: Floyd Sparks, James E. Sparks, Mrs. Cordell Taylor, Mary Etta Sparks. Brothers: Harlen McCloud, Beecher McCloud, Roscoe McCloud. Sister: Mrs. Henry Watson. Granddaughter: Lyndia Darlen Taylor.
  • Mrs. Alfred Neely, last week in Columbia, OH. Maiden name: Della Morgan. Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Morgan. Sons: Raymond Neely, Dohmer Neely.
21 July - Page 7
  • Ruth Burton Duke, 53, died this morning. Parents: Willie and Callie Smith Burton. Husband: Blanchard E. Duke. Children: Mrs. Robert H. Jones, Mrs. Alff Clemons, Mrs. Donald C. Addis, Mrs. Robert A. Searcy, Grace Duke, Shirley Duke, Bill Duke, Reece Duke, Royce Duke. Sister: Mrs. Johnny Agee. Brothers: Ray Burton, Walter Burton, Dort Burton.
28 July - Page 3
  • Lewis K. Morgan, age 67, died Wednesday. Parents: Campbell and Mariena Farris Morgan. Wife: Ova Bilyeu Morgan. Sister: Mrs. Ack Meachum. 
  • Fronnie Leftwich, age 70, died Saturday. Husband: Riley Leftwich. Parents: Paul and Betty Carr Anderson. Children: Mrs. Bertie Blair, Mrs. Esme[?] Bandy, Sam Foward Leftwich, Mack Leftwich. Brothers: Tony Anderson, Sam Anderson. Sisters: Bellie Leftwich, Mary Jane Brown, Angeline Whitehead.
  • Laura Lou Martin, age 45, died Saturday. Husband: Donald Martin. Parents: Leona Knight Kinniard and the late Robert Kinniard. Daughters: Wanda Martin, Judy Martin, Joyce Martin. Brothers: Thurman Kinniard, Gilbert Kinniard, Alec Kinnaird, James Kinniard. Sisters: Virginia Compton, Savannah Chaffin, Avannah Judd, Lois Horner, Lillie Taylor, Winnie Talley, Alta Yates.
4 August - Page 3
  • Minnie Isabell, age 76. Married in 1913 to Colonel Isabelle, who survives. Daughters and step daughters. : Hazel Wyatt, Mattie Stults, Jewell Bullard, Emma Phillips, Mrs. Jesse Tallent. Brother: Bob Harris. 
  • Betty Joe Roberts Herren, age 29, died Tuesday. Husband: Jere T. Herron. Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Roberts. Daughter: Diane Herron. Brother: Howard Roberts. Sister: Mrs. Lee Gambrell, Mildred Anderson, Oda Young. 
  • Floyd Mack Hopper, age 77, died Wednesday. Children: Benton Hopper, Randale Hopper, Ernest Hopper, Virgil Hopper, Effie Brown, Ruby Estes.
11 August - Page 6
  • Robert H. Jackson, age 73, died Monday. Parents: Amos G. and Betty Jane Pippin Jackson. Widower of Hannah Sullivan Jackson. Children: Landon Jackson, Georgia Kasty, Mrs. Billie Bumbalough. Sister: Maggie Brown. Half-sisters: Ila Sharp, Diara Porter. Half-brother: Joe Jackson.
18 August - Page 5
  • William Wright Neal, age 66, died 11 August. Parents: Thomas D. and Lydia Grant Neal. Wife: Willie Mae Warren Neal. Children: James Thomas Neal, Billie Raymond Neal, Sandford Deloy Neal, Delsie Lois Walker, Clara Faye Neal. Brothers: Sanford Neal, Burr Neal, Ben Neal. Sisters: Polly Ann Ford, Sarah Holloway
  • Dewey Cooper, age 61, died 11 August. Wife: Hazel Rose Cooper. Children: Jim Edd Cooper, Mrs. Don Wakefield. Mother: Mrs. H. W. Doney. Sister: Mrs. D. D. Hinds.
25 August - Page 6
  • Anthony Marshall Reese, age 67, died Wednesday. Parents: Frank Reeser and the late Mrs. Reeser. Step-mother: Amanda Reeser. Sister: Dellia Haynes. Brothers: Porter Reeser, John Reeser, Ace Reeser, Lee Reeser, Robert Reeser.
1 September - Page 3
  • Lawrence F. Fuqua Sr., age 84, died in Carthage. Children: Mrs. Mack Carter, Lawrence Fuqua Jr., Kenneth Fuqua. Sisters: Anne Brinkley, Mariah Dickson.
  • Fannie Wallace, age 75, died Wednesday. Nieces: Myrtle Jackson, Vella Mitchell.
  • Leona Caldwell, age 63, died Monday. Husband: Colonel R. Caldwell. Children: Donald Ray Caldwell, Isaac Caldwell, Lester Caldwell, Amon Caldwell, Robert Caldwell, Clifton Caldwell, Mrs. Morrell Gilreath, Mrs. Hessie Biggs, Mrs. Nonie McMahon, Mrs. Naomi Wilder. Brothers: Harmon Rackley, Bob Rackley. Sisters: Jennie Lattimore, Annie Campbell, Bertha Bryant, Flora Fisher, Nadine Caldwell.
  • Margaret Louella Brown Taylor, age 86, died Tuesday. Husband: John T. Taylor. Children: Billy Taylor Colson, Millard Brown.
22 September - Page 4
  • Ben Phillips, age 79, died Thursday in Hanging Limb. Children: Leo Phillips, Lester Phillips, Art Phillips, Loyd Phillips, Ben Phillips Jr, Ray Phillips, Mrs. Ethel Breese, Mrs. Clayton Madewell. Sister: Cindy Phillips,. Brothers: L. A. Phillips, George Phillips.
29 September - Page 6
  • Creed W. Maynard (photo included in obit), age 68, died Sunday. Wife: Notie Profitt Maynard. Daughter: Mrs. Fred E. Friend. Grandchildren: Melissa Friend, Ann Friend. Brothers: Hanford Maynard, Leonard Maynard.
  • Willie Bean, age 57, died Friday. Wife: Loucretia Smith Bean. Daughter: Rose Ella Bean. Step-daughters: Savanna Buhl, Carolyn Allen. Step-mother: Susie Bean. Brothers: Wiley Bean, Robert Bean, Frank Bean. Sisters: Nancy Dyer, Liddy Dodson. Half-sisters: Mary Breeding, Hattie Williams, Avo Bennett, Sara Buhl.
  • Albert Sidney Fowler, age 77, died recently in Ada, OK. Born: 13 August 1883 at Martinsburg, KY. Brothers: Frank Fowler, W. L. Fowler. Sisters: Mrs. A. K. Thornton, Mrs. R. L. Farley.
  • Pleas Hassel Horner, age 80, died Tuesday. Parents: Isaac and Martha Horner. Wife: Effie May Horner. Children: Johnn C. Horner, Harry Kai Horner, Milton Owen Horner, Edna M. Webster, Helen Elizabeth Clark, Oda Lou Dowler, Nova Adcock, Frances Moore Foley, Opal Lee Burris. 
  • Charles Maloney died today in Orlando, FL. Parents: Charley and Mary Jane West Maloney. Sister: Mrs. Arnold Carter.
  • Lee Livesay, age 64, died in Dover, N. J. Parents: John W. and Flora Cumby Livesay. Brothers: Alfred Livesay, Marion Livesay, Otis Livesay, Herman Livesay, Dave Livesay. Sister: Mattie Livesay.
  • Milton G. Dosseos, age 65, died Monday. Wife: Alpha Dosseos. Daughters: Betty Dosseos, Mary Dosseos. Brothers: Michael Dosseos, Hippocrates Dosseos. Sister: Mrs. Crissi Nicaolethou.
6 October - Page 4
  • Rosetta King, age 82, died October 3. Born 1878. Widow of John KIng who died in 1948. Children: Roy King, Rosby King, Ray King, Robert King, Roxie Tinch, Ruby Brown.
  • Wilburn Jefferson Dyer, age 57, died Wednesday. Parents: Thomas W. and Laura Carr Dyer. Wife: Hannah Ruth Nichols Dyer. Son: Wilburn Albert Dyer. Sister: Mrs. Story Mott. Granddaughter: Lee Ann Dyer. 
  • Rebecca Phillips, age 90. Widow of Mack Phillips. Children: Ellen Cole, Tom Phillips, Dan Phillips, Zack Phillips, Dewey Phillips, Frank Phillips. Harvey Phillips. Sister: Dossie Summers.
20 October - Page 6
  • Jordon B. Thomas, age 73. Widower of Mary Thomas. Parents: Archie and Millie Herron Thomas. Children: Mrs. Charlie Campbell, David Thomas. Brother: Robert Thomas.
  • W. J. (Bill) Sadler died on October 12. Parents: E. W. and Sallie Lee Sadler. Born: August 1881 in Putnam County. Wife: Bunn Sadler. Children: Helen Sadler, Fannie Sadler, Emogene Adcock, Delores Bracy, Pearl Frutte, Scott Sadler, Jay Louis Sadler, Paul Sadler. Brothers: James H. Sadler, Hop Sadler.
8 November - Page 8
  • Grace Myer Mahan, age 43, died Tuesday. Parents: Mrs. Verna Jared Myers and the late Henry B. Myers. Husband: Fred Mahan. Children: Roscoe Mahan, Kenneth Mach, Henry Lee Mahan, McArthur Mahan, Fred Mahan Jr., Dimple Mahan, Sina Sue Mahan, Katherine Mack, Mattie Jean Mahan. Brothers: Lloyd Lee Myers, Hugh Hargis Myers, Ervin Myers, Paul Myers. Sisters: Mattie Johnson, Josephine Billet, Goldie Chaffin. Half-brother: Rex Myers.
  • Lillie Mae Allred, age 74, died Tuesday. Widow of John Lloyd Allred. Children: Selma Alred, Mrs. Otto Tinch, Mrs. Athsa Dodson, Mrs. Henry Cuff, Mrs. Wayne Lacey, Mrs. Arnold Benken, John R. Allred, M. C. Allred. Sister: Mrs. Pasch Copeland.
10 November - Page 1
  • Ritchey Judd, age 76, died November 9. Parents: George W. and Celia Ann Pendergrass Judd. Children: Harold Judd, Louise Haller, Clifford Kent. Brothers: Hershel Judd, Eddie Judd, Freeland Judd, Lewis Judd. Sisters: Dorothy Jackson, Tina Steakley, Mrs. Sid Roller.
  • William Slagle McKinley, age 47, died Saturday in Georgetwon, MD. Wife: Jean McKinley. Children: Millicent McKinley, William Clay McKinley. Mother: Mrs. Henry Clay McKinley.
  • Theodore York died Sunday in El Paso, TX. Son-in-law: Mrs. J. A. Bain. Wife: Pearl Bain York.
17 November - Page 3
  • Arnold Gentry, age 67, died November 16. Parents: George and Mary Lee Gentry. Wife: Lona Gentry. Children: Woodrow Gentry, Arlow Gentry, Arnold Gentry Jr., Howard Gentry, Laura Henson, Elsie Bess, Eula May, Pearl Merritt, Agnes E. Gentry. Brothers: Lewis Gentry, Amon Gentry. Sisters: Tina Smith, Louzia Knight, Laura Lee.
23 November - Page 3
  • Edna Lee Pruitt, age 58, died November 22. Husband: Ridley Kirby. Daughter: Joyce Lewis. Sisters: Mrs. Allie Spivey, Mrs. Jesse Dalton. Brothers: Coe Pruitt. Sheilie Pruitt.
  • Colonel Isabel, age 76, died November 20. Daughter: Hazel Wyatt, Emma Phillips, Mary Stultz, Jewel Bullard, Jesse Tallent. Sister: Nancy Stephens. Brothers: Joseph Isabell, Millard Isabel.
1 December - Page 3
  • Joe Bob Qualls, age 73, died at Veterans Hospital in Nashville. Wife: Mary Roberts Qualls. Children: James Haskell Qualls, Billy Dan Qualls, Willen Davis, Lilliam Dow, Jo Ann Qualls. Brothers: Boyd Qualls, Hobert Qualls, Hershel Qualls, Mrs. Sid Oakley, Mrs. John W. Smith, Mrs. W. H. Finley. Step-son: Christine Newman.
  • Dr. R. M. (Bob) Wilhite, died Tuesday in Lexington, KY. Sister: Beulah Huddleston. 
  • Arthur Parks Jr., 48, died Tuesday. Parents: Laura Dobson Parks and the late Arthur R. Parks. Wife: Margaret B. Parks. Daughters: Rosemary Parks, Margaret Ann Parks. Sisters: Mrs. George Hamilton. Mrs. Bob Sergeant. Brothers: Owen Parks, Sam Parks, Virgil Parks, Dobson Parks.
  • Sallie Stone Brewer, age 88, died November 29. Widow of William Brewer. Sons: Brice D. Stone, Tommy Stone, Hubert Stone. Brother: John Brown. Sister: Mrs. C. D. Bumbalough.
15 December - Page 3
  • Foster Bowman, age 13 months, died Wednesday. Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Foster Bowman.
  • Jesse Campbell, age 84, died Wednesday. Sister: Minnie Martin. Half-sisters: Vallie Martin, Hallie Gilbreath, Effie Thomas, Bessie Campbell. Half-Brothers: Clark Carr, Hotton Carr.
  • Carl George Rhoten, age 42, died Monday in Venice, LA. Wife: Jewell Tayes Rhoton. Daughters: Linda Rhoton, Brenda Rhoton. Sisters: Emma Rhoten, Oma Lafever, Jewell Hudgens, Marie Rock, Ina Lee Harris. Brother: Clovis Rhoton.
22 December - Page 3
  • Dollie Mae Dillon, age 8 months old, died Monday. Mother: Dorothy Dillon. Sisters: Alma Crabtree, Frances Howard, Faye Dillon, Brenda Dillon, Julia Dillon. Brothers: Willard Dillon, Doyle Dillon, Bobby Dillon, Al Dillon, Billy Dillon.
  • Bailous Lee Lawson, age 64, died Monday in Gainesboro. Wife: Mary Avo Lawson. BrotherL Richard Heron Lawson. Twin sister: Mrs. Frank Chaffin.
  • Sarah Etta Stewart, age 86, died Monday in Dayton, OH. Children: Leland Stewart, Martin Stewart, Bill Stewart, Brown Stewart. Mae Goodwin, Lola D. Ray. Sister: Rebecca Allen. Half-Brothers: Jim Mahaney, Pank Mahaney.
  • J. T. Allison, age 46, died Tuesday in Houston, TX. Daughters: Joyce Allison, Jennie Sue Allison. Mother: Bertha Allison. Sisters: Emogene Crawford, Mabel Lusick, Alma Boyd. Brothers: Albert Allison, L. P. Allison.
29 December - Page 2
  • James Layton Eller, age 70, died Tuesday. Parents: Bill and Fanny Eller. Children: Laura B. Eller. Daughters: Mary Alice Hall, Pearl Rose, Herman Eller. Sisters: Myrtle Chote, Martha Bell Owen. Brothers: Harrison Eller, Wheeler Eller.
  • Bessie J. Hedgecough, age 58, died Wednesday. Husband: George L. Hedgecough. Sons: George L. Hedgecough, Bill Hedgecough. Sisters: Pearl Harshaw, Cydie Nash. Brothers: W. D. Honeycutt, Leslie Honeycutt, George Honeycutt, Hallie Honeycutt.
  • Henry Mackie, age 78, died Wednesday. Wife: Mary Mackie. Children: Modessa Hammond, Marie Wallace, Nina Williams, Flossie Golden, Herbert Mackie, Flora Mackie, Elbert Mackie.
  • Laura Meachum, age 85, died Monday in Plant City, Fla. Husband: Ack Meachum. Parents: Campbell and Marina Farris Morgan. Maternal Nephew: Frank Shirley. Sister: Emma Shirley. Brother: L. K. Morgan. Children: Bill Meachum, Mrs. Cal Kaufman.