Region: Middle
Range: 20
Section: D
Shelf: 4
Box Number: 8
Approximate Pages: 59

In 1869, Isaac Buck conveyed 473 acres of land to his daughters, Tabitha E. Buck and Eliza A. Buck. He retained the rents and profits of said land for himself and his then wife, Mary Buck, during their lifetime. Mary Buck died in November 1871. Isaac Buck married Rachel ___. Isaac Buck died intestate 7 September 1871. Rather than going to court and having the court decide the division of property and estate, the heirs got together and made an agreement on the division of Isaac's estate. At that time, there was corn growing on the acreage that was not yet ready for harvest. Once the corn was harvested, Rachel believed that she should get a share of the corn. The corn was hauled off to Tabitha Buck and C. Mills. Rachel was suing the family to get her portion of the corn.


Putnam County, Tennessee


Isaac Buck had two daughters: Tabitha Buck and Eliza Buck.
In 1869, Isaac Buck's wife was Mary Buck.
Mary Buck died November 1871.
Rachel ____ married Isaac Buck between November 1871 and 7 Sep 1873.
Rachel Buck is the widow of Isaac Buck.
Heirs to the estate of Isaac Buck:

Rachel Buck
Sarah Rockhold
J. Buck
Margaret Marchbanks
Mary Jane Webb
Enock I. Buck
Lafayette Buck
Tabitha Buck
C. Mills
Eliza Ann Poteet
I. N. Buck


Deed from Isaac Buck to his daughters, Tabitha E. Buck and Eliza A. Buck. Dated 14 April 1869.
Agreement made 9 Sep 1873 between the heirs of the estate of Isaac Buck.
Inventory and Distribution of the Estate of Isaac Buck


14 Apr 1869 : Isaac Buck conveyed to his two daughters, Tabitha Buck and Eliza Buck, 473 acres on which he lived. He reserved for himself the rents and profits of the land for himself and his then wife Mary Buck.
Nov 1871 : Mary Buck, wife of Isaac Buck, died.
Spring 1873 : Isaac Buck rented a portion of the land to Anthony Buck and another to John Buck.
7 Sep 1873 : Isaac Buck died.
9 Sep 1873: The heirs of Isaac Buck made an agreement to the division of his estate.
17 Nov 1873 : Rachel Buck, J. H. Windle, Walton Smith, J. H. Curtis and J. H. Moore post bond of $200.
17 Nov 1873 : Lafayette Buck was commanded to appear before a Justice of the Peace to answer the charges of Rachel Buck.
19 Nov 1873 : C. Mills & Tabitha A. Buck was added to the lawsuit.
21 Nov 1873 : The parties to the suit were to appear before A. Harpole JP. Harpole ruled that Rachel Buck was entitled to 100 bushels of corn.
22 Nov 1873 : Lafayette Buck, C. Mills and Tabitha Buck post an appeals bond.
22 Nov 1873 : Bill of Complaint of C. Mills and Tabitha E. Buck vs Rachel Buck is drafted.
25 Nov 1873 : Chancellor W. G. Crowley of Smith County dissolved and Injunction from the Bill of Complaint.
26 May 1874 : Receipt from B. F. C. Brooks for $35.
8 Jun 1874 : The case Rachel Buck vs Lafayette Buck was prosecuted in the 5th Judicial Circuit Court in Putnam County.
10 Jun 1874 : Rachel Buck posts bond. Her securities are J. H. Windle, Walton Smith and J. H. Moore.
13 Jun 1874 : Rachel Buck takes an oath of poverty saying that she cannot bear the costs of the Supreme Court.
13 Jun 1874: J. R. Bullington, G. W. Kinnaird, Thomas D. Sexton, N. C. Crowell, W. N. Gentry, Gideon Anderson, J. T. Wigington, A. W. Boyd, and Thos. T. Pointer report to the court the position of the jury before Jury Instructions were presented to the jury.
13 Jun 1874 : E. J. Buck makes an affidavit that he was present the day that the agreement was made between the heirs of Isaac Buck. It was agreed that Rachel Buck would receive 25 bushels of corn. However, at that time, there was not enough corn to make 25 bushels. It was decided that when the new corn came in, Rachel would get 100 bushels of corn with she already having received 25 bushels. This was why the 25 bushels was erased from the agreement.
29 Sep 1874 : B. F. C. Brooks transfers his rights and title to a lot of ground to L. C. Neville. Witnessed by N. B. Sparkman
17 Aug 1875 : J. H. Curtis , Clk of District Court of Putnam County, certified that the copy of the bonds was a true copy.
17 Aug 1875 : J. H. Curtis writes to F. C. Dunnington Clk of the Supreme Court that the sheriff received an execution in the case. He believes that there is an error in the execution and requests that the clerk verifies the orders.


Anthony Buck
John Buck
Henry Canon (col)
John Murray
J. L. Davis, Dept Sheriff


B. F. C. Brooks
L. C. Neville
N. B. Sparkman
F. C. Dunington, Clk  Supreme Court
Rachel Buck
Lafayette Buck,
Curtis Mills
Tabitha A. Buck
J. Arnold, Clk
J. H. Curtis, Clk of Circuit Court in Putnam County
J. H. Windle Atty
J. H. Moore
Walton Smith
Eliza Buck
Isaac Buck
Mary Buck
Anthony Buck
John Buck
E. J. Buck
Hon. S. M. Fite, Judge
A. Harpole, Justice of the Peace
Wm. H. Matlock, SD Shff
N. C. Crowell, Juror
Alvin W. Boyd, Juror
Thos D. Sexton, Juror
M. S. Ely, Juror
N. B. Harp, Juror
John Wignigton, Jurur
J. R. Bullington, Juror
W. P. Dowell, Juror
Gideon Anderson, Juror
G. W. Kinnaird, Juror
W. N. Gentry, Juror
Thos. T. Pointer, Juror
J. W. Car, Sheriff
Henry Canon
John Murray
S. D. Burton
Enock I. Bucks
Mary G. Webb
R. L. Gentry
James Parsons
E. H. Stone, Clerk
J. L. Davis, Dept Sheriff
E. L. Gardenhire
Denton & Webb, Sol
G. W. Buck
Loyd Rockhold
J. R. Bullington
G. W. Kinnaird