Jackson County Deed Book H, Page 58, W. H. Ellis to T. R. Jones,
Microfilm Roll 34

Know all men by these presents that I W. H. Ellis of the first part and T. R. Jones of the second part Witneth that I W. H. Ellis have this day transfered and conveyed unto the said T. R. Jones all my right title and claim that I have in the following described tract or parcel of land lying and being in Jackson County state of Tenn. civil dist. No. 11 of said county bounded as follows to wit: on the East by Davidson South by Price North Brown West by Allen lying on the waters of Flynns creek on what is know as Lacys branch. Now the above obligation is such that the said T. R. Jones is to furnish the said W. H. Ellis with good holesome food and cloths and to take care of him as one of his own children during his natural life time then at his Ellises death the land above described goes to T. R. Jones and his heirs for his services rendered said land is unincumbered I warrant the title there to against all persons whatever. Given under my hand This March the 18" 1885.
W. H. X Ellis

M. R. Chillcutt M.D.
J. O. Hopkins
M. D. Hopkins

State of Tenn. Jackson County }

Personally appeared before me J. H. Chaffin clerk of the county court of said county and state W. H. Ellis the within or above named bargainor with whom I am personally acquainted who acknowledged that he executed the foregoing deed or Instrument for the purposes therein expressed. Witness my hand at office This Mch 18" 1885.

J. H. Chaffin clerk

Received for Record Sept. 15" 1899 at 1 Pm

A. O. Birdwell R.JC